Trump and the Christian Right–Are Wrong

Trump and the Christian Right–Are Wrong July 14, 2016

Back in march I wrote a blog asking the question: Are American Latter-day Saints Republican first and Mormon second? I posed the question because Donald Trump’s presidential platform was, and continues to be, antithetic to many tenets of Christianity generally and Mormonism specifically. However, a high percentage of conservative Christians support Trump. Mormons fit into the conservative Christian camp. With alternatives to Trump, he got very little support from Mormons in the Republican primary. However, now that the race is between Clinton and Trump where will Republican Mormons land in their collective presidential voting patterns?

I understand that Clinton is deceptive, ethically questionable (to say the least), and the epitome of political embeddedness in Washington D.C. Furthermore, I agree that her family has become fabulously rich through involvement in public service and that is troubling (again, to say the least).

But, unlike Trump, Clinton is not a racist. And Clinton is not a fascist. And Clinton is not a misogynist.

Therefore, when a conservative Christian announces that they will vote for Trump because they cannot bear the idea of voting for Clinton I just don’t understand. I agree that Clinton is a troubling vote but Trump is a glaringly troubling vote on account of his dictatorial-style and inhumane declarations. So if you won’t vote for Clinton on the grounds that she’s a liar then please don’t vote for Trump if he is honest. If he is telling the truth about how he would treat immigrants, approach international relations, spurn religious pluralism, and exacerbate race relations then he should not get one single vote from a conservative Christian (if Christian values are a criteria for casting a vote)—and that includes Mormons. Exercise the right to vote your conscience—and if voting for either is unconscionable, write in a vote for someone that represents your personal ethic and perhaps even your religious values. And if Trump aligns with either your ethical positions or your Christian values then I, for one, am baffled.

This debate is polarizing among Evangelical Christians as well. Here is an article outlining aspects of the conundrum among Evangelicals. Enjoy the read.


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