Wrapping Up a Very Merry Christmas Surprise!

Wrapping Up a Very Merry Christmas Surprise! December 13, 2016

Right now, all over the country, there are big boxes full of appreciation and support – as well as pretty amazing gifts! – headed for some unsuspecting special military families.

Santa Boots PackagesDozens of “elves” wrapped those presents — hundreds of them — as part of Boot Campaign’s fabulously festive Santa Boots program. Nearly 60 deserving veteran and active duty families from all corners of the United States will soon be surprised by the arrival of those big packages full off Xboxes, watches, sunglasses, movie bundles, running shoes, cowboy boots, all kinds of kids’ toys and books, and much, much more.

Santa Boots packages wrapped

Boot Campaign set up its own version of Santa’s workshop in a hardware store in Whitehouse, TX for the last week, wrapping gifts it has been collecting throughout the year. 

The presents were all generously donated from individual and corporate sponsors – people like Randy Cupp from Southlake, TX. Cupp, the owner of a commercial excavation business, has been involved with the Boot Campaign for several years. So when he heard that the greatly anticipated donation of Xboxes wasn’t going to happen this year, he stepped up and made a promise.

“I told them to go ahead and plan on getting the Xboxes, I will raise the money.”

Cupp started working his network of business associates and friends, telling them about Santa Boots and asking for their support.

“I was offering them the opportunity to do something good, and to feel good about themselves.”

And boy, did they responded – not only meeting, but beating Cupp’s target! His wife set out the weekend after Thanksgiving to shop, and all Santa Boots families will soon have an Xbox in their Santa Boots delivery – thanks to the Cupp family and their generous associates and friends.

“I just know a lot of good people.”

Santa Boots Elves wrapping Santa Boots T-shirt Santa Boots Boy wrapping

In fact, Santa Boots brings out a lot of good people, like all of those elves who volunteered to wrap presents night after night in Roquemore’s Hardware. People who appreciate the sacrifices made by military families each and every day. People who gladly give their time to show their appreciation and respect, and make those families’ holidays a little brighter.

People who know how good it feels to give!

To find out more about Santa Boots, including how you or your business can get involved, click here!

Santa Boots tree

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