Welcome to my Patheos Blog

Welcome to my Patheos Blog April 21, 2011

The story goes a little something like this . . .

Once upon a time there was a boy who was driven and compelled by the great wonder and complexity of the world . . . and Jesus. He had many adventures over the years. He  bloggedTwitteredFacebooked and MySpaced a bit back in the day. He has also husbanded, parented, moderated and pastored. He blogged here and here and even more here discovering a love for community and interaction in all of their wonderful and frustrating manifestations. And all the while, he kept on doing the Jesus thing. Life was good. Then one day that same boy, felt called to a change. And, like Rufus from Dogma falling from the sky, before him appeared an invitation from the land of Patheos to share his random musings on life and faith.

And now the story really begins.

Welcome to my new and now primary blogging home at Patheos.com. I will still cross-post on The Huffington Post as well as SFGate, but from now on, all of my blog content will originate from Patheos. I am pretty excited about joining the folks here in an attempt to create a space where thoughtful and compelling interactions about life and faith can be made real. Fair warning if you are contemplating hanging out with me . . . while I am eager to build up a strong readership, I am not trying to build a focused “go to” blogging kingdom about any one topic or area of expertise. In fact, what you can expect from me goes against all professional blogging advice. The “niche” I am filling is one that is broadly random and magnificently regular, simply someone experiencing and wandering the world through the lens and filter of faith.

I take this tact in my blogging because it is vital that we challenge the notion that any of us is as one dimensional as we would like one another to be. So to blatantly live that reality and graciously encourage others see the complexity of our common humanity, I will muse, rant and opine on a broad range of topics . . . 12 to be exact:

  • Isms: Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality, etc.
  • Relationships: Love Marriage, Parenting, etc.
  • Politics: Local, National, etc.
  • Culture: Trends, Shifts, Recent Events, etc.
  • Presbyterians: Ecclesiology, Ministry, Mission, etc
  • San Francisco: Um . . . and how Awesome it is 😉
  • Reviews: Books, Movies, etc.
  • Faith: Church, Christianity, Jesus, etc.
  • Technology: Social Media, Gadgets, Best Practices, etc.
  • Open Letters: Letters to Random Recipients about Random Things
  • Shameless Plugs: All things BRC
  • The Junk Drawer: Everything else

You have been warned.

So, I hope you’ll subscribe and be part of the next chapter of my blogging life. I would love to get to know more of you as you get to know me. Along the way, feel free to interact with me – Twitter or Facebook being the best way – and maybe, just maybe, we will learn some things about God’s unfolding reality for us all.

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  • I assure you nothing sinister going on. What is your handle, not sure that I follow you.

  • Jeangoff

    Since I became a fan after reading you on Patheos, I hope I need to do nothing to continue reading your blog.  I follow several other writes on Patheos and enjoy all of the content found there.  Hopefully, some of your fans will get a chance to check out the whole web-site. 

  • bawade

    Cool! Look forward to following you on here 😉

  • Abbie Watters

    Seems to be fixed now! You look like your old self again!

  • Bruce Reyes-Chow

    In the middle of the “grrrrr” learning curve, but I’ll be okay.

  • Glad to see you finally off TypePad.

    Welcome to the WP!

  • Bruce Reyes-Chow

    Hmmmm . . . okay, let me play with that. WordPress and I are still sizing eachother up 😉 Let me know if it it still is driving your reader nuts.

  • You didn’t put a title on your blog/page/part, and it’s driving my poor RSS feeder in Outlook nuts. It has you in an “Untitled” folder!