Three Reasons Why Instagram is my Happy Place

Three Reasons Why Instagram is my Happy Place December 18, 2013


Yep, this happened.

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One of my favorite social media services is Instagram. If you are a visual person and like just keeping up with people’s lives, this may be a great site for you. Instagram is a smart-phone based service that is a little like Twitter – you follow and are followed– except, rather than being confined to 140 characters you share an image with a little description. And like Facebook, your followers can “like” the picture or leave a comment.

I wrote a longer review a ways back, but here are three reasons why I Instagram is currently my social media site of choice.

You can take amazing looking pictures without being a great photographer. Because you can do some light editing and utilize photo filters, your pictures will look far better than your actual skill level. Good for us novices, not so much for actual good photographers 😉 TIP: Take your pictures with the camera on your phone as this allows for greater editing possibilities.

Low spam/link possibilities. While I have heard of some people trying to sell things using instagram – “Hey, look what I am trying to get rid of!” – I have been extremely happy with the lack of spam and promotion that goes on via Instagram. Sure, I would love to plug my book or an event, but because links do not work when left in the comment section, people rarely try to get you to go somewhere else. TIP: Some spammers will leave usernames @getmorefollowers as a way to get you to click over to other places. A little annoying, but harmless.

The ordinary comes to life. I know, I know, some people just HATE the “look what I’m eating” and “isn’t my dog cute” tweets and updates, but I love them. I have always found the mundane and ordinary of people’s lives the best way to get to know folks. Instagram includes the world through people’s eyes in a way that is lovely. Sure, as in real life, some people overshare, but for the most part, it is a great way to see the world through the eyes of another. TIP: There are many good folks to follow on Twitter: friends, sports teams, etc, but one of my favorites is a person I don’t know, captures great images, @eric_lampe

 If you are a subscriber and on instagram, please let me know. Leave a comment here with your username [Username Tip] and please feel free to follow me at @breyeschow.

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