A Generation Asks: WTF?

A Generation Asks: WTF? November 13, 2013

And now a message from the millennials…

Wait, what?!?!? But, we thought you were going to fix everything . . .

One of the reasons that my wife and I have committed to raising our kids in San Francisco is because we want them to be surrounded by people and perspectives like this: creative, passionate and not afraid to ask “What the Eff” about so many things? The list of amazing people with whom we have come into contact through work, school, church, etc. is long and AGAIN, our community has done it again with this latest video.

A Generation Asks: WTF? was created and produced by Mark Decena and Liz Decena for Edge Funders Alliance, whose Executive Director is long time friend, Mark Randazzo. More importantly, the girls in this video are kids I’ve known since they were in kindergarten and who are now close to adulthood.

Cue weepy dad moment.

Knowing the people involved in this particular project, while scripted for this piece, I have no doubt that these words are spoken with integrity and truth. Trust me, the spirits and personalities of these amazing human beings: their minds, passions and personalities, should convict those of us who fetishize and romanticize impact of “the next Generation” to step the hell up and do yourself what we claim we want and expect them to do.

We can solve this.

We expect you to.

Just like you expect it of us.

Good job Maggie, Samudra, Anisa, Lauren, Camilla, Zoe and Evelyn.

Message received.

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