My Blogging Hiatus and an Invitation to Guest Blog

My Blogging Hiatus and an Invitation to Guest Blog January 18, 2012

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They say that men think about sex a lot. There is some debate on about exactly how often, but  it is probably safe to say, it is often. For those of us in the sharing and opining business – speakers, bloggers, preachers, writers, etc. – the number of times in a day that we think about sharing and opining would probably give the mental libido a run for its money.

Just as a healthy libido – or albino of you don’t watch your auto-correct – is a generally good thing, for us bloggers, our natural “blog first, focus later” mindset can often be detrimental to the completion of longer-term projects.  With a proposal submission and a manuscript deadline needing my  attention, I am taking a blogging hiatus for the next few months.  Don’t worry, I am not dropping of the grid or anything.  I’ll still be twittering, facebooking and posterous-ing (?), but my personal blogging energy will be directed towards the completion of these dang books 😉

In the mean time, if you feel so inclined, you are invited to guest blog.* If you already have a healthy blog somewhere else, this might not be for you, but if you want to use my blog to jumpstart your blog, gain a little visibility and/or reach a different audience, feel free to submit your ideas and we shall see. I help you get some visibility and you keep my blog traffic going, a win-win. No guarantees that I can take everyone, but I am hoping to post content from a guest blogger a few times a week. I do not need to agree with you, just hope that whatever issue or question that you tackle, you will invite conversation and interaction.

The four questions that I am asking folks to address are any/all of the following:

  • “You can’t ask that?” – Ask and answer your own provocative question about faith, life, social issues, whatever. . .
  • “Top 10 Reasons I Love My City” – Here is your chance to lift up why you love where you live.
  • “Dear Church . . .” – A chance to write an open letter pleading, encouraging or challenging “the church.”
  • “Five Books Every X Should Read” – Share five books that should be required reading for any historic fiction lover, quilters, parents, snake wrangler, 3rd grader, etc.


So that’s it. I am still around, but have given myself the public challenge to focus, focus, focus.  If you want to stay “in the know” about my upcoming books and other things, please feel free to sign up for my monthly eLetter.

* Guests posts will only appear on www.reyes-chow and not on my other blogging platforms: SFGate, Huffington or Patheos.

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