My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions January 4, 2012

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Last end of the year I promise [twitter year in review | blogging year in review]

I have never really been a “New Year ‘s Resolutions” kind of guy. I figure if you want to try to accomplish something meaningful, just go out and try. Why wait?  That said, since I am a horrible predictor and the new year really is a good time to think about hopes for the future, I have given in. Here are a few new things that I will try to check off the to do list in 2012.

10 – Santa dropped a new guitar in my stocking this year, so I will play my guitar at least twice a week.

9 – I have had a copy of Rosetta Stone Tagalog installed on computer for the past 18 months without ever using it, so at least once a week I will work on my Tagalog.

8 – Someone needs to get less Husky Boy so I will complete at least one P90X cycle.

7 – Finally writing a book on social media and the church, so I will meet my May Shook Foil Books deadline.

6 – No longer preaching every Sunday and missing somewhere to use words good, I will launch BRC and Friends Radio Show.

5 – With my Oakland A’s rebuilding . . . AGAIN . . . I will go to more baseball games than I did last year.

4 – I will take more pictures.

3I will not work past 10pm.

2I will not let chaos, messiness and piles bother me.

1 –  I will be kinder to those I love.

Those are doable, right?

I think so.

Some other folks who have made some kind of new year committment/s:

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4 responses to “My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. This just happened to be the first Christian blog I came across. I was interested in  your “Open Letter”. Then I thought I would go ahead and hit the New Year’s Resolution post. Now I am just wondering how many of these you have already failed at. I would say you set the bar to high but I do not know you personally so only you can be the actual judge of that and how truthful you are to yourself. 

  2. oh, i don’t do new year’s resolutions. i can’t. yet one more reason to let myself down. i just have things i need to do this year:

    i AM going to finish this PhD this year. Inshallah, God willing, it will be so I can walk in graduation on 4 May so that I can wear my dear father’s robes and have my ma hood me. 

    i want to be doing the following 3 all at once: have a clean house, get all my work done, and exercise. i’ve been able to accomplish one or 2 at one time, but not all three. 

    oh, and i’m taking 1 credit of violin lessons this semester. i’ve asked that it use fiddle music instead of classical. that’s my way to force myself to get back into playing music.

    oh, and find a post-phd job. it doesn’t have to be academia, yet.

    learning arabic, getting back up to speed in german – i’ll wait on those for another year. 

    question Bruce – is anyone in the liberal theological world thinking and writing about non-widowed, non-childed single folks in church communities? i know it’s not as big of an issue in places like SFO, but in little Logan, UT being 38, single and childless is a very difficult place to be in church communities. for some reason couples and families don’t think they have anything in common with someone like me.

    -brooke r, formerly mbrooker on twitter.