My 2011 Twitter Year in Review

My 2011 Twitter Year in Review January 3, 2012

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Next in line for my “year in review” posts . . . Twitter.*

As I traveled back through a year full of tweets I was struck by how much I tweet. I know that some folks have unfollowed me because I tweet too much or tweet about certain things too often, but hey, as my twitter profile says, ” . . . i tweet a lot.” 30,000 Tweets here I come!

I was also struck by how quickly the memories came flooding back: where I was sitting, who was around me, how I was feeling and what was going on in the world. Trying to find one for each month was just not going to happen, so I decide to give a few for each month: T = Thoughtful, S = Sassy and R = Random. If you click on the OT, it will take you to the Original Tweet where you can reply or retweet as you please.


  • T – During times of violence and grief, there is a fine line between voicing righteous indignation and fanning the flames of hatred. [OT]
  • S – To make my schedule look more inviting, I’m contemplating referring to my “meetings” as “caffeinated relationship building opportunities.” [OT]
  • R – When we told the girls to cover everything in the car that people might want to steal, “Should we cover our Pillow Pets?” #toocute [OT]


  • T – Do progressive and conservative Christians see faith so differently, that we might be better off looking at our conversations as interfaith? [OT]
  • S – With all due respect to the great orators in the room, sometimes leadership is seen not by your words, but your ability to restrain them. [OT]
  • R – Sometimes I have no idea what other people are talking about. I suspect I am not the only one. [OT]


  • T – For those who are able to see uncertainty as a gift, the gift isn’t actually uncertainty, but the luxury and privilege to see it as such. [OT]
  • S – Sometimes I wonder if the church’s talk of radical “change” w/o doing so has now become the new status quo. Okay, I don’t really wonder. [OT]
  • R – You better be walking someone through a heart transplant operation if you are talking on your phone while using the urinal. Gross. [OT]


  • T – Evil “wins” when we allow the overwhelming nature of the world’s suffering to convince us that our actions cannot make a difference. [OT]
  • S – When I’m tempted to sling scripture like ninja stars at those who disagree w/me, I remember how much I LOVE IT when they are headed my way. [OT]
  • R – OH in regards to epic rap battles: “Mozart would totally kick Justin Bieber’s a$$!” [OT]


  • T – Wanting a unified voice is great, as long as we remember that a lack of dissention often leads to the marginalization of the voiceless. [OT]
  • S – When it comes to being community, there is a fine line between being a prophet in your own “hometown” and just being an jerk. [OT]
  • R – After 11+ years as their pastor, two months of goodbyes and a really lazy morning, time to get ready for my final Sunday evening w/@mbcc. [OT]


  • T – If theological and political conversations do not deepen our understandings of one another’s humanity, honestly, I am not interested. [OT]
  • S – I use a disproportionate amount of my Jedi skills evicting people from seats near power outlets, “This is not the table that you seek.” [OT]
  • R – I never feel more like an entitled spoiled brat than when I find myself getting so FRUSTRATED over slow and intermittent internet access. [OT]


  • T – On this July 4th, I’m thankful for this nation where we can passionately and openly debate the very nature of what it means to be patriotic. [OT]
  • S – While I understand why the Prosperity Gospel is attractive, that is no excuse for any church to preach it. IMNSHO. [OT]
  • R – “Cool Whip, the duct tape of dessert toppings!” [OT]


  • T – Where Americanism and Christianity split is believing that one’s own survival and success leads the way to dignity and justice for all. [OT]
  • S – Would love to hear a #Irene news lead-in, “We’ve decided to report from inside the studio and not unnecessarily put our people at risk.” [OT]
  • R – Having the kind of morning when everyone sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher. [OT]


  • T – As Georgia prepares to execute #troydavis. . . helplessness in the face of injustice is where many of us sit this night. [OT]
  • S – Love when people accuse parents of “indoctrinating” their children with certain values . . . Um, I think that’s actually called “parenting.” [OT]
  • R – Some smooth lyricist should write, “It’s the end of the church as we know it.” And, yep . . . I feel fine. [OT]


  • T – Most churches can’t be all things to all people, but I best most churches could be more things to more people if they wanted to be. [OT]
  • S – Amazed at how suddenly San Francisco can cool down . . . me thinks the naked dude that I saw this am might soon regret today’s “outfit.” [OT]
  • R – I know there are ideological differences, but at some level, shouldn’t Tea Party folks be outraged by what’s happening to Occupy folks? [OT]


  • T – I’m amazed at the ways we compartmentalize Jesus, for his radicality rests in the way he harmonizes being prophet, pastor, priest and poet. [OT]
  • S – If San Francisco Propositions A and H both pass we’ll be saying, “Sure, we’ll fund public schools . . . as long as they are segregated.” [OT]
  • R – In order to stand in solidarity with future generations, I now think email is passe, so I may or may not get back to you. [OT]


  • T – The church will never be on the forefront of change if it takes so long for us to change that we arrive just in time to be behind again. [OT]
  • S – Dear lady sitting RIGHT next to me, I know we all pass gas, but lifting up a cheek, discharging at me w/o nary an “excuse me” is not okay. [OT]
  • R- You might be the “spell check generation” if you have no confidence in your spelling without the presence or absence of a red squiggly line. [OT]

Whew! That’s a lot of  140 characters chunks of life. For those who have followed, retweeted, mentioned and/or replied to be in 2011, thank you. I can’t wait to see what 2012 offers!

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