Bruce’s 2012 Summer Reading List

Bruce’s 2012 Summer Reading List June 18, 2012

If you’re anything like me, there’s a stack of books sitting in your home that, every time you walk past it, the bindings stare you down longingly pleading, “Read me. Please read me.” to which you reply, “Soon, books, soon . . . as soon as I have some free time.”

Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Unlike some members of my family who have a gift for curling up with and disappearing into a book for hours on end, I am easily distracted and often ready 3-4 books at a time.  Summer is one of those times, however, that I am often able to carve out chunks of time to read. I read for both fun as well as “work” all with an eye towards expanding my current thinking and broadening my view of the world.

Five’ish I am reading for my own enjoyment.

These are ones that I’ll be reading via my Kindle or in actually book form. Many of these books are what I affectionately call, Brain Candy. Many of these books keep me sane amidst the other great content I try to absorb along the journey. Please do not judge 😉

The Alienist (a re-read) by Caleb Carr – I have read this one 3-4 times and am riveted each and every time.  Set in the late 1890’s New York City, it is a must-read for you historical crime fiction lovers out there. While some of Carr’s other books were not as gripping, Carr’s follow-up to The Alienist, The Angel of Darkness is also a great read.

Shift!: The Unfolding Internet – Hype, Hope and History by Edward Burman – Don’t let the the price tag discourage you. Because this is used as a text book in many places, it can be found through various other means. I found mine for less that 10 bucks via another amazon seller. Just started this one and it is one of those books that looks like a quick read, but every sentence and paragraph is packed with meaning. If you are a social media person, I would highly suggest this one if you want to REALLY understand how and why we have gotten to where we are today.

Koko Be Good by Jen Wang – This one has been sitting on my shelf ever since RKP introduced me to graphic novels. The illustrations are simply beautiful and the story is intriguing. I will admit that I have failed before at trying to read graphic novels in the past – Watchmen – but am hoping to jump in again.

In reading order, I am jumping on the Seth Grahame-Smith train by checking out from my library  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and/or/then Unholy Night and/or/then Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance. I will admit, other than my own cute zombie, vampires and other communities of undead have never really been my thing. But since a colleague recently told me that Grahame-Smith’s tales were worth a read, I’m giving them a try.

Five I am reading and hoping to review this summer.

These are books that will accompany me on my trips in actual book form, be generously marked up and be reviewed on this blog.  If you happen o review any of them yourself, please feel free to send me a note or leave a comment here and I’ll link to your reviews.

Making Paper Cranes: Toward an Asian American Feminist Theology by Mihee Kim-Kort

Follow You, Follow Me: Why Social Networking is Essential to Ministry by John Voelz

The American Bible: How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation by Stephen Prothero

Geography of Grace: Doing Theology From Below by Kris Rocke and Joel Van Dyke

On My Honor: Real Life Lessons from America’s First Girl Scout by Shannon Henry Kleiber

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7 responses to “Bruce’s 2012 Summer Reading List”

  1. Being an Asian American seminarian, I am finding myself drawn to feminist theology. I am definitely interested in reading the Mihee Kim-Kort book and look forward to your review.

  2. I know. All of the pricing and book formats are in serious flux. I have been checking out quite a few books from the SF Library on my Kindle and it has been great!  Hope you all are well!

  3. Followed your link on The Alienist and saw the crazy ebook pricing on Amazon.  New paperback editions are $5-$6; new hardback is $10; the Kindle digital edition is $12.  What!
    Library is “free” (already paid in the taxes).

  4. Geography of Grace sounds interesting, but I’m going to wait for your review, Bruce.  
    I loved the Alienist, too.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Some of these I definitely want to read -especially the book by Mihee Kim-Kort and, John Voelz and Edward Burman. Just finished an Master of Theological Studies thesis on theological perspectives of social media and anxious not to get behind in this area.
    Janet Bohren