How to Get Your Free Copy AKA Let the Shameless Book Promotion Begin!

How to Get Your Free Copy AKA Let the Shameless Book Promotion Begin! June 19, 2012

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As many of you know, the publishing world is in the midst of a drastic change. The impact of shrinking budgets, the rise of ePublishing and the nature of social media has created a changing “norm” for the entire process. This is especially true for first time authors in terms of getting the word out about his/her book. Basically, we are on our own.

So . . . apologies in advance, but with my first book – and yes, I expect to write another, none social media book –  I begin this journey of trying to get this resource into people’s hands in the hopes that it will help the church better leverage social media tools. I will try not to go over the top, but I know that this is a possibility.

From the intro –

But I argue that the church should proceed in social media with a posture of deliberate urgency. The church should be open to trying new things, but never in a manner that goes against our core understanding of faith and community. In all things, the church should take the time to explore the possibilities, discern appropriate applications, and then proceed with faith. So it is with technology and social media. The church needs to open itself up to social media being a liberating reality of the world today, figure out how it can best be applied to practical ministry contexts, and then get out and start using it. It is only by risking the openness and the usage that we will discover the new ways of being the church that can be unleashed and enabled by social media.

Soon, The Definiative-ish Guide for Using Social Media in the Church will be available for your favorite e-reader near you, and when we get the green light, there will be ordering information and all of that good stuff. Until then, I wanted to begin sharing some info.

So here are three quick links that you might be interested in:

But most importantly, how do you get your hands on a FREE COPY?

I have a set number of copies that I get to give away to folks, so in order to be somewhat creative, in order to get a free copy, I will be asking folks to blog on a particular question about social media and the church. It won’t be all that intense, but if you want in,  you will need to sign up below. I will announce the question as soon as I have the codes for the copies, probably in the next 10 days.


Thanks all and have a great day!

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