Bruce’s Friday Five v8.2

Bruce’s Friday Five v8.2 August 2, 2012

1/ONE – Recently my wife and I have gotten seriously hooked on Rev., a dramedy from the BBC. Rev. is one of the best church based shows I have seen because it is clear that whoever is advising them knows what it is like to pastor a small urban church today. From the neighboring “hip” church that tries to take over the dying church to the struggles of the pastor to have any friends, the humor is both stinging and hilarious. Season 1 is free on Hulu or you can pay to view on Amazon. h/t: Erik Dailey

2/TWO – As many of you know, I am a huge baseball fan. This year I jumped into the fantasy baseball craziness and it has a been a ton of fun. So with football season coming up, earlier this week I wondered aloud on Facebook if there were any fantasy football leagues looking for another team. And woohoo, Rachael Eggebeen stepped up and set up The Presbyterians United Fantasy Football League. If you are interested in joining the league, you will need the password, so please contact Rachael via Twitter or look at one of the early comments this FB Update.

3/THREE – I just stumbled upon this story from 2009 about interned Japanese Americans during World War II, At Manzanar, fishing was the great escape. From the article, As the Manzanar National Historic Site prepares for Saturday’s 40th annual pilgrimage, a commemoration of what was endured during the war, and as the region welcomes thousands for the opening of trout-fishing season, the detention facility is being fondly remembered by some as a secret fishing lodge. Powerful and inspiring. h/t: Norb Kumagai

4/FOUR – Continuing with the fishing theme . . . last week the family spent time out in “the nature” camping at Clear Lake State Park. During our time we did a good deal of fishing, playing Settlers of Catan and trying to take refuge from the heat. As part of our fishing adventure, I had to get some intel on the local fishing tactics. One of the sites that I stumbled upon was CatfishEd, the local catfish expert. Lots of good advice, but the best part was the dough bait recipe that includes the line, ” If you can stick your head in the bucket and inhale without barfing then you need to season it some more.” No we did not make the dough bait . . . nor do we catch any catfish.

5/FIVE – If you have bought my new book for your kindle, thank you so very much. How is this for a cool app: I can now sign it via KindleGraph . . . socially redeeming, far from it, but being able to “sign” a ebook is pretty darn geekyfantabulous.

My Friday Five is somewhat of a mishmash of stuff I have recently seen around the interwebs, some of which I actually kept track of and others, I just remembered upon the writing of this post. Enjoy.

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  1. Enjoyed this post and want to watch Rev now. I have to admit I kind of forget about tv…though winter draws me back in a little. The hub just finished your book on his kindle (I reminded him to leave a review, but he runs like a crazy guy — so we’ll see. He read it bit by bit before he went to sleep at night) My daughter read it, too. Now it’s my turn. Glad you’re having such a good response; I’m so pleased for you! Happy Friday.