A little update for my Patheos readers

A little update for my Patheos readers January 8, 2013 kalexanderson

Greetings all,

It seems like a very long time since I have posted on my Patheos blog. And contrary to the rumors circulating about, I have not been hanging out with Elvis, Tupac and Bigfoot on some tropical island – though that would be pretty awesome – but rather, life has been happening and I have had to do a little adjusting.

You can read more about some of the reasons here, but suffice it to say, life is not boring as I discern God’s intentions for me in the future. Now that I am almost done with my book on race, have committed to the speaking thang and decided to get  back into some radio . . . I’ll be blogging more.

The biggest shift is that I will now only cross-post on Patheos that which is obnoxiously faith related. So if you are getting this post and all you want are the musings about faith, you are all good. But, if you want everything – and be warned, it’s everything – you should also subscribe to and/or sign up for my monthly-ish mailing list.

Later all – Bruce

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