David Gushee gets it right on Wheaton College

David Gushee gets it right on Wheaton College January 7, 2016


“Conservative evangelical institutions such as Wheaton are governed and supported, overwhelmingly, by people who are not just theologically conservative but also politically conservative. I would wager that the boards, top administrators, and biggest donors of most self-identified evangelical schools would vote Republican at around 95 percent. Recall that in every recent presidential election, 75 to 80 percent of white evangelicals have voted for the GOP candidate.

Evangelical Christian universities walk a tightrope. They are precariously balanced between the need to build a faculty that is academically respected and the need to satisfy the demands of very conservative donors, trustees, and parents. They have to pluck graduates from mainly liberal research universities and find or develop enough of them who can toe an explicit conservative theological line and an implicit conservative political line. This is no mean feat.

… My theory is that what Professor Hawkins really violated were the implicit but very real political preferences of Wheaton’s constituency, not the school’s explicit theological standards.”

– See more at: http://davidgushee.religionnews.com/2016/01/07/wheaton-hawkins-evangelicals-politics/#sthash.fYVlQylB.dpuf

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  • RustbeltRick

    I got my BA at a conservative evangelical college and my MA at a large public university, and everything Gushee says is true. Wheaton’s conservatism was hinted at a year or two ago, when the college joined on to the anti-Obamacare birth control lawsuits. Christian colleges aren’t even pretending to be non-partisan anymore.

  • Frank

    Gushee is rarely right. Proven again.

  • Richard Green

    Wheaton’s College’s actions speak loudly that not only can’t someone go over the drawn lines; they can’t even get close to the line. Troubling message for an institution that calls itself Christian.