John is strongly dedicated to spiritual growth and exploration, which he has pursued through meditation, yoga, and Buddhist philosophy. His journey started in 1993 with subtle body meditations focused on chakras and the inner body energy systems. He continued developing his skills during a transformative 14-month retreat across North America, where he spent several hours daily meditating while immersed in nature.

After his return, John decided to expand his practice by completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Open Door Yoga in Vancouver. This experience ignited his interest in Buddhism, eventually becoming his mainstay practice. Through Buddhism, he learned to integrate both physical and mental aspects of yoga with Buddhist teachings, allowing him to seamlessly fuse spiritual practice into his daily life.

His extensive studies included courses in the Asian Classics Institute curriculum, esoteric Buddhist teachings, and in-depth explorations of texts like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutras, and the Bhagavad Gita. Furthering his education, he took and eventually taught courses offered by the Yoga Studies Institute, delving into various yogic traditions encompassing devotion, the subtle body, emptiness, pranayama, and more.

John has done numerous solo and group retreats, fostering his understanding and dedication to these practices. Now, he shares his knowledge and in-depth experience by teaching yoga, meditation, and Buddhist philosophy in person and online. His passion is guiding individuals towards spiritual awakening amidst the complexities of everyday life, emphasizing that with determination, an awakening path is attainable for all.