A Friendly Competition

A Friendly Competition July 14, 2008

Among our builders we have two beautiful mamas due with baby boys in just a couple of weeks! We are all praying for a safe arrival and smooth delivery for both babies. And while we are waiting, I thought we could have a little competition to see who among us can best predict the date these little bundles of joy will arrive.

Here are some hints: Texas Mommy is due the 27th of July, and she has had her previous 2 boys a little bit early (6 days and 3 days). Prayers that Texas Mommy will again have her baby right on time…

B-mama is due August 4th. Her eldest boy arrived 4 weeks early due to blood pressure complications (no sign of that this time around praise God!) And her second boy (what’s up with all the boys!) arrived right on time. B-mama’s hubby is taking the bar exam at the end of July, so our prayers are with her to deliver after hubby is finished with the bar exam–and for sanity beforehand!

Ok readers, let’s hear your guesses. The winner will receive bragging rights when we post the birth announcements. And do list a time of day with your guesses as a tiebreaker.

I’m going to leave my guesses in the comments.


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