Need For A Savior

Need For A Savior December 4, 2009

Today it was Mama vs. the Christmas Decorations.

And I bet you can guess who won.
I was almost victorious. I really was.
If you were to drive by our home tonight, you would “ooh” and “ahh” over the lights and bows and wreaths and candles in the windows. (And even if you didn’t, you would humor me and offer them anyway! You’re so nice.)
You would enjoy our Advent wreath sitting on the kitchen table with shining candles (slightly lop-sided from being stored in the hot attic, but since you’re the nicest, I know you’d overlook that too.) The stocking line-up on the mantle would inspire for sure and anyone leaving would merry at the soft jingle coming from the hanging bells on our front door.
So how did I lose with such an angelic (err… aspiring) outcome?
Everything started out so beautifully with the my cheery elves assisting to hang and beautify our home. When we ventured outside, they played happily in the leaves and would check in to see mama’s progress as I hung the lights and garland. Our efforts were going well. But then came the hiccups, the unexpected obstacles, the window panes that kept sliding and creating off-centered candles; the little toddler hands that kept toppling the creche… In a few short moments, I let my opponent win out. My temper flared, my patience waned, and Grinch’s female counterpart made a quick visit to our home.
Oh, my attempts at perfection. How I fail every time.
So much for maintaining the Advent spirit.
Yet another reminder that I’m in need of a Savior.
Amen to that.
Earlier this week a friend passed along this beautiful reflection of how depraved we are even in the midst of a season of glut and excess. Here is an excerpt, reminding me of my ever-needy status as I look to heaven in anticipation of our Savior’s birth:

“No, when it comes to salvation, we are all nothing but beggars. We are the needy. It is we for whom the tiny bell rings at the gate of heaven. It is our name that hangs limp on the Tree of Life. It is we who wait and hope that someone will turn in our direction this Christmas, not leave us bereft and empty-handed while the rest of the world rejoices. It is we who beg for the gift-the gift of salvation, the gift of eternal value.

Let us wait with the anticipation of a child unsure of whether there will a gift for him. Let us beg with the zeal of one who is truly hungry. Let us lift feeble hands up to heavens, without assurance that they will be filled, in the blind faith driven by desperation.”

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