For the Mouths of Babes

For the Mouths of Babes August 30, 2010

On the day that Caroline turned 4 months old, I began feeding her “solids”. I know, I know, in many circles it is considered best to wait until baby turns 6 months old before introducing solids, and with Christopher and Maria, I waited much longer before introducing “real food”. But Christopher and Maria were terrible baby eaters – they wouldn’t eat any pureed food, and until they could pick up pieces of food and put them in their mouths, nothing but milk passed their lips. Even then, they weren’t good eaters – all they wanted to do was nurse, which was fine since it worked for us, but frustrating. I desperately wanted to introduce them to the tastes and textures of so many wonderful foods: sweet potatoes, squash, sweet peas, avocado. I tried homemade foods, jarred foods, and the classic Gerber foods, but nothing seemed to fit the bill.

So, this time around, I decided to start at 4 months, and Caroline has been an eager eater! It may just be her personality, but what a thrill it has been for me! I should also mention that thankfully, we do not have any food allergies (yet!) in our family, so I do not feel that I need to be as cautious – if we did, I may have waited longer before introducing solids. Also, Caroline is still getting lots of milk from me, so I feel confident that she is getting the nutrients and protection that she needs.

I have tried a variety of foods with Caroline, and most have been successful. I’ve also done a combination of homemade foods and store-bought foods, and thought that I would do a little comparison, just out of curiosity 🙂 In this picture there are three varieties of carrots: from left to right, we have homemade carrots, then Earth’s Best Organics jarred carrots, and then Gerber carrots. Visually and from a taste perspective (I sampled all three), I must say that (although I am biased!) the homemade ones were by far the best! The puree tastes like carrot and smells delicious, and Caroline liked it, too. The other two varieties were also eagerly eaten by Caroline, but tasted sweeter to me. However, they are certainly good options when I’m on the go or when I just haven’t had a chance to make a batch of baby food.

This time around, I was also very tempted to buy the Beaba Babycook – has anyone had any personal experience with this handy little device? It is basically a mini-steamer and blender all in one, which is appealing on many levels. From a convenience standpoint, you only have one little machine to work with, so mom can prepare the baby’s food much more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the Beaba comes with a recipe book to ensure the proper steaming and blending time, so novices like me can feel confident that they are preparing the food correctly. Also, even when baby no longer needs foods pureed, the Beaba still acts as a handy little steamer to soften foods for your little one. Sounds delicious and nutritious! The only problem is that the price point is about $140, which seems high to me. I do own a steamer and a blender, after all!

One more product that I may just have to buy: this Baby Dipper baby feeding set looks amazing, what a great concept!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday morning! God bless all of you wonderful mothers and fathers as you start this new week!

Mary, Mother most Admirable, pray for us!

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  • molly

    The homemade carrots look better, too. Yum! Caroline is a lucky girl! I'll be interested in hearing about the Babycook, because we've considered it but are always deterred by the price tag.I think I've read that the 6-month recommendation is because that's on the late side of when most babies are biologically ready (not just thrusting out with tongue, etc.) and to prevent solids from replacing milk. Since Caroline is eating eagerly, and you're with her all the time and offering milk, you're right to be confident!

  • Amy B

    This is my first time writing a comment, but I have been following your blog for almost two years now! Thank you for all your wonderful discussions and insights! Just a quick thought on the Beaba Babycook. I too considered getting it to make baby food, but once read a review that said when the blade gets dull it becomes useless. I used to steam food, and then blend them in the Magic Bullet. Even though I had a couple extra dishes to clean up, the Magic Bullet still worked great!! It is dishwasher safe too! Plus, you can use it as the baby grows (and for your older kids) to make smoothies, etc.

  • Mary Alice

    My mother in law also is a fan of the magic bullet, and if you get a coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond you can buy it there for less. She purees foods for a disabled child she babysits and so she has been using it for years. That bowl looks totally awesome!

  • Texas Mommy

    Ok, here are my thoughts about the Beaba…like so many baby-marketed things: toys, educational videos, aids of all variety, this product contains everything you already have, but comes in a pastel color and labels itself a baby food maker. A brilliant maketing ploy, but a steamer basket and food processor/blender/stick blender and ice cube trays do the trick just as well, if not better.When I make baby food, I do it in large batches and freeze. I would have to use the Beaba at least 6 times to make the amount of sweet potatoes my little ones would consume in 2 months. Pop them all in the oven, dump all in food processor, and done for the next few months. I can also multitask…sweet potatoes in oven, stew to be pureed on the stove, broccoli in steamer basket, then just rinse food processor in between. I would spend a couple hours cleaning/cooking/freezing one morning every two months or more. The idea of doing lots of small batches is not at all appealing to me.Also, I don't know how good of a blade the mini Beaba has. We have a mini Cuisinart (a top brand) and it does not do the trick for anything more than salad dressings. . I think $140 is a lot to spend and I'm not sure it would make your life any easier…I would rather use the $$ to buy organice produce for my kids and have to wash an extra pot! Just my thoughts