Harvard Grad Pursues her Vocation

Harvard Grad Pursues her Vocation August 29, 2010

Did you read the interview at National Review with Mary Anne Marks, who delivered the 2010 commencement address at Harvard in Latin?

Here is an excerpt (and conversation that I believe all of the builders have had in one form or another–more on this in another post in the coming weeks):

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: You are a Harvard graduate. Aren’t you surrendering all the possibilities that entails by entering a convent?

MARY ANNE MARKS: Yes, if one doesn’t see becoming a well-educated, intellectually alive nun as one of the possibilities.

She goes on to defend the Catholic Church’s respect for and support of the dignity of woman. Best wishes to Mary Anne! Can we give her an honorary builder degree?

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  • Kat0427

    What a charismatic young lady, it was a pleasure to watch her speak even though I didn't understand a word she was saying 😉 I also highly recommend reading the interview that she did with National Review – Mary Anne is very eloquent, and the questions that she answers are questions that many of us might answer in our everyday lives out in the world. Thanks, Tex, for posting this!

  • rightsaidred

    She will be building up our families with her prayers. Great article. Thanks for posting.

  • rightsaidred

    Oh and that order is awesome! We lived in AA, and saw the sisters regularly. They prayed for my Gianna during my pregnancy, and some of the sisters were featured on Oprah earlier this year.

  • Mary Alice

    That article was amazing — she is one of 21 postulants! As these women move around the country teaching in schools, they will change everything. We are indeed entering a new springtime. The younger priests in our diocese, and there are some, are really wonderful, one was a Princeton classmate of some of the builders. This gives me great hope.She mentions that she and her parents would discuss counterarguments to relativist ideas she was hearing, even in Catholic school, and this just reminds me that we, as first teachers of our children, need to prepare ourselves to pass on the faith well to them. All of our children are still young enough to just take us at our word, but I want to get studying so that I will be ready when the tough questions come flying at me! Also, it seems that she was around lots of women in different orders during her childhood. My children rarely see a nun, which would make it very hard for them to consider this vocation. I wonder how I can do more about that?

  • Tabithaspitzer

    Mary Alice, Our homeschool group just had a “Nun Run”. One of our members contacted several orders around town and we spent a day visiting 3 different orders, talking to the nuns, and praying with them. We ended up with Mass and a special blessing at the Cathedral. It was such a blessed day and it really exposed our daughters to what the religious life is about, as well as the different activities and ministries in which local nuns are involved. We are planning on doing it again next year, hopefully visiting some different orders. I really believe that we will have some vocations come out of this type of activity from our homeschool group.

  • KC

    Her vocation story is amazing, too–it begins:nnnIn August, 1987, a couple celebrated their twentieth anniversary bynvisiting Fatima. Kneeling in the basilica, the husband was inspired tonoffer this prayer: u201cYou havenu2019t given us any children yet, Lord, butnif thereu2019s still a package up there waiting, please send it along!u201dnNine months later, his forty-five-year-old wife gave birth to me.nnhttp://www.sistersofmary.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=244&Itemid=444