Lucy… August 17, 2010

…Four years ago, we had the privilege of seeing your beautiful face, of holding you and introducing you to friends and family, and finally, of saying a proper good-bye to you. In truth, we already knew you. While you were still safe in the womb, we spent time watching you move, feeling your hiccups, marveling at your ultrasound pictures and wondering if you would look like your big brother. We knew that this was our special time with you, and we did our best to make memories with you.

Today, I’m feeling a bit sad. I miss you, and that’s a nice feeling, since there are some days when you seem so far away and long ago. I’m spending time with your brother and sisters; we’re eating cake and enjoying the pink roses on our kitchen table, and we had a nice time at story-time and Mass this morning. Christopher woke up with a jubilant “It’s Lucy’s birthday!” this morning, making me smile. Every hour, I’m thinking of what I was doing at that time on the day you were born…Where I was, who I was talking to, what part of the labor I was in. You were born at 4:45, just about an hour from now. It’s nice to remember all of these details again, because on the day of your birth I got to be your mother in a real, concrete way. Since then, I’ve just had the memories and, of course, the hope that I will see you again in heaven.

So happy birthday, sweet Lucy. We love you and are so grateful that God made you a part of our family!

Lucy Rose, pray for us!

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  • Red

    I have been thinking of you today and said a prayer for your family when I awoke this morning. I always picture her and Therese sharing their birthday cakes in heaven. I think her cake is pink ;-)It was an honor and privilege to meet your beautiful daughter. May she take your intentions to the feet of Jesus. Lucy Rose, pray for us.

  • Beautifully said. My Mary was stillborn 7 years ago on Sept. 10th. This is the time of year (leading up to her birthday) when I miss her the most… when it is the most real to me. Your words have touched me and I thank you for that. May God bless Lucy Rose and Mary Elizabeth, and may He give them hugs from their earthly mothers!!!

  • JurisMater

    Kat, God bless you and your family today. It's always a solemn day for our family as well as we remember Lucy, celebrate her life, and imagine what she's doing in heaven now. I want to thank you again for your openness, for letting all of us share in your love and loss of her and your celebration of her eternal life.

  • jmb

    You are in my prayers today.