Anyone here this morning?

Anyone here this morning? August 18, 2014

Happy Monday y’all! This morning is the first day of school for many, and I’m sending a little hug to you whether this is your very first day of school, or your fifth! Rock on mamas! High fives all around!

Ok. That being said, does anyone feel like it’s been chaos today?

I don’t have the excuse — my peanut is a few years away from school — but our day, despite the best of intentions and mental planning for what will be a busy week in our home, has not started off, errr, in a stellar manner. If yours did, praise God! If yours didn’t, keep reading. I feel your pain.

It all started with a belt. My husband had to fly somewhere and back today, but his belt to his good suit was missing, and he was looking for it. It was a distracting detail, but since he was getting too close to his flight, he went on mental autopilot, got in one of our cars and drove to the airport.

..with our only carseat…and stroller…and the Ergo. <Deep breath>. 

Once we realized the mistake, I tried to recalibrate for a day at home in our tiny apartment since there was no way to switch the cars at that point, and started making breakfast with what was left of the eggs (of course, today was grocery day!) and milk. As I poured the milk, chunks plopped into the eggs. In the middle of all of this, one dog decided to steal something fairly expensive and chew holes in it, while our other (who is blind and deaf now!) was having a senior moment and started barking at the wall.  And then the baby had a fairly smelly accident. And it was 7:00 a.m.

Breath, mama…

I don’t want to say I love this morning. In fact, I’m sadly having to push myself hard to extend grace where it is needed — to my husband who is exhausted and made a simple mistake and to the dog has been cooped up and needs exercise and attention. But that hardness of heart says to me that sometimes we need days like this when we least need them. To remember in very small benign ways that we are not really in control, to come back and ask for grace. Just for today. Honestly, just for the next hour. Grace to extend to our family and those around us. To extend to ourselves. And He is so good, He will give it.

I’m not terribly cheerful right now. I’ll be real and say that I’m still in my pajamas. I put the baby down for her morning nap early. Still, if anything, I’m feeling thankful for the little nudge to look up, and for a whole lot of grace. So for anyone here this morning, I’m with you. I’m saying a little prayer for you and giving you a sisterly hug. Look up, and let’s reset and get on with our day. It may not be the best of days. But we can definitely get through. And sometimes that’s plenty enough!

“My grace is sufficient for you…” 2 Cor 12:9

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  • Katrina

    Thanks, J, I needed this today! Funnily enough, I also had chunky milk this morning – yuck! It’s so tough to be cooped up all day with a toddler, let alone adding two restless dogs to the mix. Prayers coming your way, friend! If it makes you feel any better, we have a man in our attic sanitizing the area, since we had some squirrels trying to make their home there 🙂

  • Queen B

    Way to go, J. Hang in there. No matter our station in life, life is not easy. We can either become unbearable grumps or press on with His strength. By God’s grace, we will persevere.

  • Bethany

    Amen, sister! Thanks for your willingness to be vulnerable and share about your challenges. I laughed with you and shook my head, “yes” several times while I read. These are days, eh?! I love that you remembered to look heavenward and seek the Grace that can get you through. Gotta work on that too! Hope the rest of the day improved. Here’s to tomorrow!!

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Love this is a “thanks for keeping it real” way!! I actually wrote down “shower” on a to do list today 🙂

  • Mary Alice

    Hang in there! While I don’t believe in Karma per se, I always think that the grace that I extend to my husband in moments like that is going to come back and bless my marriage ten fold. I hope that the day in the apartment turned out okay, and that you found some really fun moments being totally present to your daughter!

  • J’

    lol. oh dear Katrina. Squirrels AND chunky milk!? lol. Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement.

  • J’


  • J’

    It did, thanks B’. We made it. And I was soooo glad for distracting ‘toys’ like fingerpaints and crayons and a very focused toddler.;)

  • J’


  • J’

    Yes, I agree Mary Alice! Thank you!:)

  • wow, that is a rough morning! Kuddos to you for keeping it together.