Thoughts for Thursday

Thoughts for Thursday August 12, 2010

What am I cooking tonight? Nothing!  The kids are eating leftovers because Mr. Red and I are off to the Phillies game.  Let’s hope they win, I’ve had terrible luck lately.

What am I reading? Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.  I’ve had this thing for Russian novels lately, which means I don’t get through many books (I’m guessing they are all so long because what else do you do in Russia for 9 months of the year!)

What are my weekend plans? Running (I’m training for a 1/2 marathon in November), yardwork, and the farmers market on Saturday. On Sunday we are expecting Tex!  Can’t wait to see her and catch up!

What are my prayer intentions for the day? Praying hard for a 4 year old boy named Nathaniel who has an aggressive form of brain cancer.  Nathaniel’s Dad and I went to law school together.  They are an amazing family that has been given a very heavy cross.  I pray they receive their miracle.  Please remember them in your intentions.

What is one product that is making my life a little easier? New Crayola markers on sale for $1.00.  My kids love to draw and I love the independence.

What am I grateful for? My husband’s new job as an in-house attorney.  The hours are very kind to our family.  It’s amazing how much happier we are when Dad comes home for dinner.

What have I done for my marriage this week? Set aside time for Mr. Red.

What’s challenging me lately? My sweet beautiful baby Claire.  She isn’t interested in nursing during the day (only 10.5 months!!!) and she is refusing to take a 2nd nap!  At 4pm each day she begins to scream, and scream she does until her bedtime (which used to be 7pm and is now 6pm).   My nerves are shot at the end of it, and it really is amazing that such a sweet little girl can be so happy for the first part of the day, and so miserable at 4pm.

What is one task or project on my agenda for the week? Finishing my curriculum for a high school writing class I’m teaching at our local homeschool co-op.  This is a first for me, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Something that made me think? The diagnosis of our friends’ son with brain cancer (see above).  Nathaniel’s life reminds me daily that we are not in control, and that our present sufferings and crosses are often very small compared to what God asks of others.  I am humbled beyond measure at the grace and peace of his parents, and even more grateful for the amazing gift of my own children.  Nathaniel’s sufferings this week have born great fruit in my own soul, and I have never met little Nathaniel.

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  • Mary Alice

    I read Anna Karenina this spring, it is wonderful! Len probably wouldn't let me, but I would love to name my next boy Levin!

  • rightsaidred

    It is wonderful, and I too was thinking that Levin would be a wonderful boys name, haha! But Mr. Red would probably think like Mr. MaryAlice. I'm only about 350 pages into the book, and I'm really enjoying it. One huge plus of a long novel–I don't have to worry about my next book for quite a while.

  • JurisMater

    Have an AWESOME date tonight, Red and Mr. Red! I wish we were doubling with you. My wonderful paternal grandmother, who was a mother of 6 and a child psychology and education specialist, used to say that the solution to most nursing problems is a beer. You owe it to Miss Fussy to have a couple tonight, so cheers, Red and Mr. Red, and go Phillies : )

  • B-mama

    I enjoyed reading these glimpses into your life, even after talking for over an hour today on the phone! 🙂 I am so excited to read you're teaching an english writing class for the co-op. You are going to love it… ahh, teaching! I really miss it! And you all are inspiring me to read some Tolstoy in the near future. I was thinking I needed some brain food soon and this may be it! Enjoy your date night out… xo

  • Texas Mommy

    Make that a gluten free beer! I also enjoyed Anna Karenina and just noticed that the movie is on our DVR. Not sure I want to risk ruining the book by watching it.

  • What is Tex doing outside of Tex?Kudos on the date night and the half marathon.Who watches babies during home school co-op time?

  • AWOL_Mommy

    That was me, I lack commenting-savvyness

  • rightsaidred

    I have a confession to make, we are going to the game with my parents. So that might not qualify as a date, haha! And they do offer one gluten free beer at the stadium.

  • rightsaidred

    I won't even pretend to know how to delete First L as your new disque profile.Our co-op has about 250 kids, and 75-80 families. There is a very nice nursery, with about 20-30 children, aged newborn-3.5, and about 6-8 moms. I have always just volunteered with my youngest in the nursery while my older two went to classes. This year, I'm leaving the nursery for one period to teach a class. It should be fun, but the prep has been a fair amount of work.

  • JurisMater

    That's OK, you're married, you can make out right in front of your parents when the Phillies score.

  • JurisMater

    Gute nacht, First L. Can we do a post where we all take some guesses what the “L” in “First L” stands for? I'd be entertained.

  • rightsaidred


  • B-mama

    Red, will you now accept the argument that teachers need to be paid more?

  • rightsaidred

    Absolutely not. They only work 9 months out of the year and get paid more than many private sector jobs that require long hours and very little vacation time. What I would give for 3 months off every year! While this lesson planning has been a lot of work, once it's done, it's done. A little tweaking and I'm good to go for another couple of years 😉 Sorry B-mama, but I tend to think teachers are overpaid. I know, I know, I'm in for it with that comment.

  • Kathleenob

    My Husband I were just talking about this. We sometimes watch House Hunters and there was a public school teacher and a piano teacher with two kids are buying a second home in Italy. Maybe they save a lot, but seriously, a second home in Italy in their mid thirties?

  • rarelysara

    I thought only my husband and believed this. We absolutely agree!! And don't forget about the public retiremenet funds, too. Teaching is hard, and most definitely important, but teachers know what they are getting into when they sign up.

  • JurisMater

    When my husband was teaching 8th grade in the Chicago Public School system he was working 18 hour days, 6 days a week. He slept 3-4 hours a night after his commute time, and this was with many of his 8 siblings who were still living at home helping him constantly with his grading load. This was Teach for American which is notoriously brutal because the schools are failing, but I think many of his responsibilities are common to all teachers. It's not only lesson planning and actually teaching but also classroom maintenance, superhuman amounts of grading and recording, meetings, dealing with parents and their family issues, teaching extracurriculars, meeting all other kinds of bureaucratic requirements. It's like they say in law school, for each hour in the classroom there are 2 hours outside the classroom. For most teachers, the hourly pay breaks down to something below minimum wage. I can't imagine that anyone who's seen what a good teacher goes through would think they're overpaid.

  • Mary Alice

    Young, new teachers have lots more of that sort of prep to do, so the Teach for America folks have it hard for many reasons but they don't stick around long enough to see it get easier. From what I've seen, experienced public school teachers in the suburbs don't work that hard.However, if increased pay would attract more qualified teachers, I would be all for that. I am not a big fan of the tenure system, at least in our area, which makes it pretty hard to get rid of a bad teacher. I don't know of other jobs where you get total job security after three years, where my husband works people can lose their jobs at any time if they are not up to snuff.

  • HannahL28

    Hi ladies!So I was reading some of your posts and was inspired to respond, as my sister is a teacher as are many others I know. The comments I have read through to the end of this thread give me many ideas.Let me provide a brief background of my reference point. I work with individuals coming home from prison in efforts to stabilize their various maladies and needs in efforts to increase their efficacy and enhance the potential to build crime resistant communities where our citizens (both criminal and non-criminal alike) may have an improved sense of security and strength. This is a population that many uninformed and underexposed individuals often turn their noses up to in judgements that undoubtedly serve to ultimately do not much more than fluff their own insecure egos and falsely cement their positions of self importance and personal worth as they are “so different” from these “terrible criminals” despite clear and concise reference in the Bible about how this exact population should be handled (with respect and care as not one of us is any better than the next). Working with this population has helped me to understand the direction that God gives us in his Word- judge not less ye be judged and stop trying to extract the fleck of dust from your brother's eye when you have a 2×4 lodged in yours – as I have been able to see, first hand, how the uninformed opinion of the mass public can plague populations undeserving and demoralize our communities, and this has motivated me to try harder to stop making blanket judgements on any population- especially those with which I have had no direct experience living as (which is a lot of populations, trust me).When you say things like “I work with prisoners” people almost always gasp in shock and wonder how terrible this must be- but when someone tells me they are a teacher? I want to give them all of the credit in the world. You could not pay me enough to deal with arrogant, scapegoating parents void of any moral direction or accountability- the bureaucratic teaching community, the lesson planning, restrictions from the state and local governments, and thats not even to mention all of the little darlings that take you for granted and treat you like you are their serf- able to deliver whatever kinds of abuse (and yes, I mean abuse) they want to you while you remain virtually defenseless against their debauchery (trust me, I was a deviant in high school and there were absolutely NO sanctions that quelled my behaviors). There are teachers, CEOs, bus drivers, policeman, hairdressers, and pizza makers who are all overpaid. There are families where both parents must work 2 or more jobs. There are families where children literally go to bed starving every night and they are lucky they aren't being sold to adults for drugs like some of the people I work with. God has put each one of us in the position he wants us to be in. I think we should all just offer him praise and thanks that we seem fortunate enough to not fall in to any of the latter groups I have mentioned here, and let Him work out the salary negotiations for all the others. That said- this website has put out a lot of great things in the past, and I look forward to the upcoming progress yet to be made.Blessings!