Stroller of my dreams?

Stroller of my dreams? November 10, 2011

For those of you who don’t get bogged down in the minutia of baby gear, you may want to skip this post. But here it goes.

It has been almost 7 years since I have shopped for a stroller.

Our 2005 Bob double jogger broke on Halloween this year. I’m not complaining…it has served me very, very well for the last 6+ years. I contacted the company and it looks like it may not be worth our while to repair it.

I would LOVE to replace our BOB dualie (which I loved, but didn’t fit in many indoor places) and our Combi twin (which I hated, but fit through doors) with one double stoller that can be used for running and for getting into normal doors at the doctors office.

To that end, I have scoured the internet for the last 3 days trying to find a front-to-back jogging stroller that has big wheels for mild off-roading (like the trails at our nature center). Front to back is ideal b/c I can separate our big boy from whoever else is riding and if I’m running with one, it wouldn’t feel so off balance.

I thought the Phil and Teds would meet all my criteria, but AWOL told me that I can’t really run with it…maybe ok for jogging, but not for running 8 minute miles. I love that I could push the BOB with almost 100 pounds of kids in it while full out running with no problem.

Does anyone have any skinny double jogging stroller suggestions? Does my dream stroller exist?

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  • Gentile

    Hi TM–nnWe have the P&T double which is great for squeezing through tight places and crowds.u00a0 However, I definitely can’t run at all with my P&T–my shins hit the jump seat, not fun.u00a0 Also, it isn’t a jogging stroller…no shocks or anything to absorb bumps like your BOB had.u00a0 nnGood luck!n

  • KD

    Have the BOB’s changed their dimensions since 2005?u00a0 We bought a BOB Revolution Duallie in 2009 and it is sized to fit through standard doorways.u00a0 I think that the salesman told us that it is as wide as a typical wheelchair.u00a0 I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a running stroller that is front to back.u00a0 I love our BOB Duallie and have used it almost every day since we bought it–I shudder to think of it breaking on us!u00a0 Good luck in your search.u00a0 I’d love to hear if you find a front to back stroller that works for you.

  • Anonymous

    Oh. My. Goodness. You are my HERO!!!u00a0nnI just measured our old BOB and it is over 3 INCHES wider…34 inches vs. 30.5 listed as the new BOB dimensions. Our old one did not fit though a door, but the new ones are much narrower!!!u00a0nnIt is really the old school one, with one canopy that the kids fight over. Getting a new dualie may solve my problems, since I’m not trying to get into subways or constantly collapsing it, just trying to go through doors!!u00a0

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, L. You and KC saved me from making a mistake for us!!u00a0

  • B-mama

    I have the 2007 BOB Revolution Duallie and it def. fits through doors and is my all-around hero stroller. You are going to LOVE the front swivel wheel too. It is the most awesome!!!!!!!!!! I literally am a co. sales rep, the number of these things I’ve sold!! Mine is 5 hyears and going strong! I’ve also managed all FOUR kids in the thing at one time-2 in the seats and 2 in the front foot wells. Best stroller ever!

  • Mary Alice

    This is great to know.u00a0 My Valco double is also 7 years old and it has been great, but it is just plain worn out!u00a0 Maybe time for an upgrade!

  • Texas mommy

    New Bob dualie questions:nn1. Am I going to miss the handbrake?nn2. Can I gate check it on a airplane?

  • Kate E.

    While I am never a true believer in more when you can do with just one. I really really love our double stroller. It is not a jogger but it is so awesome for airports, disney, longer jaunts, etc. I have also fit 3 kids in it (one in front, one sitting in jump seat, one standing) not what it’s made to do but definitely good in a pinch. It’s a joovy caboose ultralight. I got it new on ebay for considerably less money. They also had it on sale on for a while. Just thought I’d share 🙂

  • KD

    Before getting the Revolution Duallie, we had (and still have) the BOB Ironman, which has the hand brake. I haven’t missed it at all (although I’m not able to clock 8 min miles with the Duallie–you are speedy). I just wrap the safety strap over my wrist and hand and have felt very in control of the stroller. After using the Revolution Duallie, if I could have done it over, I would have gotten a single Revolution instead of the Ironman because I love the option for a front swivel wheel. Although I haven’t gate checked the Duallie myself, I know someone who has and they just folded it up and secured it with two bungee cords and had no problems. I have to echo B-Mama in my love of this stroller–it is awesome! Maybe some one near you has one that you could test out. –KD

  • KD

    One more comment, we also got the car seat adaptor for the Revolution Duallie and that was super handy because the infant bucket seat could snap right into one side. The BOB website should list the car seats that are compatible with the adaptor.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, KD. I was looking at that. Can you still put the little one in the stroller seat with the adaptor attached?

  • KD

    Yes. The adaptor is basically a bar that attaches across both seats of the stroller. It comes with attachable trays. We attached one tray for our older son and can put a water bottle or snack on the tray. Even though our daughter is out of the infant seat, we never took the adaptor off, which will be handy when our new baby arrives. Our daughter now uses the adaptor as a foot rest.

  • B-mama

    You are going to love the footbrake even more bc it is surefire and so reliable. Our single Bob handbrake can never be trusted… The Duallie’s brake is so trustworthy, I’d use it on a hill with all four kids inside!nnI’ll also add that I’ve never invested in the infant seat adapter, but just wedge the infant seat in and then strap it in with a luggage strap. Works like a charm!nnA friend did buy me the cupholder attachment, though, and I love it!

  • Erin Galloway Groeber

    A little late, but I second our awesome BOB Dualie Ironman.u00a0 I never think it will fit through a standard doorway, but I have little faith because it ALWAYS does.u00a0 its great.u00a0 Plus, our hand brake broke about 6 months ago, and I haven’t missed it at all– I just use the safety strap for the foot brake.u00a0nnAnother question though–what do you do when you have more than 2 kids to stroll?u00a0

  • Erin Galloway Groeber

    Oh, I just saw a few weeks ago that there has been a safety recall on BOBs due to (1) a strangulation risk from the bungee cords on top, and (2) a choking hazard from, of all things, the BOB decal on the front of the pull-down canopy.u00a0 Of course our BOB has both of these dangers, but the only solution the company is offering right now is an online tutorial about how to take these two items off.u00a0 But, I wanted all the BOB users to be aware of these risks.u00a0 Here is the link to the Consumer Products Safety Commission report: can also check the BOB website for recall notices. n

  • Rebekah Johnson

    sounds like you have got the answer to your dream here– but just another direction for research — have you checked out the chariot? it is multi-purpose for strolling, jogging, biking, x-country skiing… quite popular here in the upper midwest. worth a look!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…I never even thought you could cross-country ski with a little one. That is so cool!

  • KD

    I just read an article in the WSJ yesterday about flying with young children and it said that American Airlines no longer allows jogging strollers to be gate checked.u00a0 Just thought I’d pass that info along.u00a0 I hope that other airlines don’t follow suit.

  • KD

    I once saw a double jogging stroller that had a seat that extended out from the front for a toddler/preschool sized child.u00a0 The seat looked to be attached with metal bars that could be screwed into the stroller.u00a0 I’m not sure what brand that stroller might be–maybe Mountain Buggy?

  • Sellersatlast

    I absolutely love my Baby Jogger double City Elite!u00a0 And I luckily, because they are expensive, I got an amazing closeout deal on a new one.u00a0 It is a side-by-side, but it fits through a standard size doorway.u00a0 It has the two smaller wheels in the front rather than the one big wheel so it pivots on a dime.u00a0 I love it!

  • Jenbart3

    That is called a Valco stroller. It is a double jogger and can also have a jumpseat on the front so you can seat 3 young children.