Un-potty trained?

Un-potty trained? November 9, 2011

My almost three year old son was totally potty trained for about two months, and then this past week he has averaged four wetting accidents a day.  We put him back in diapers, but what next?  When do I re-potty train him?  Has this happened to any of you?

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  • This happened with my niece after many months of being potty-trained. u00a0My mom, who is a pretty smart lady, advised my brother that it just comes from toddler over-confidence, and that visits to the potty just need to be more regularly scheduled. u00a0Hard to have accidents if you’ve already been to the bathroom recently.

  • Klklaw

    Do not worry…do not give up, nor let your little one!u00a0 We just go back to the potty bell (timer)and going more frequently.u00a0 We have back steps with our 2.5 year old too.u00a0 We choose to calm the schedule a bit too or we make sure we use the bathroom everywhere…when we go in to Target and before we leave Target…Its nice to know I’m not the only one.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know. My strategy has always been to wait as long as possible to start…closer to 4 and then it is over and done with. I find it easier to have them in diapers, not having to stop for potty breaks, etc. and don’t have the urgency/pressure of needing them to be potty trained before preschool. Do you need him or want him out of diapers?u00a0

  • Jen

    My husband is a teacher, so whenever he returns to school after breaks, my son regresses in potty training. We, too, end up going back a few training steps. He goes on a schedule and eventually he retrains and can determine when to go by himself. Hang in there!