A Final Post

A Final Post April 8, 2015

Hello friends and dear readers,

We have been doing some soul-searching over here at Building Cathedrals, assessing our future and deciding in what direction we’d like to take this blog. After much prayer and conversation, we have come to a consensus to continue our little blog over at www.buildingcathedrals.com. We intend to use the site to maintain our archives and post thoughts sporadically. It seems the the more children we have and the older our children get, the less blogging can be a priority in our ever-busy worlds. This is for the good of our families, our friendships, and our faith.

We want to thank Nancy French and the admin here at Patheos for giving us the wonderful opportunity to operate within the greater forum. It has been a great privilege and we thank them for their time and energy helping us in this endeavor.

I want to thank my dear Princeton sisters for journeying with me on this path of motherhood and offering their insight and inspiration at every turn. They are some of my dearest friends in the world and I hope and pray we can find our blogging voice together as we move forward down the road of life.

We are most humbled by your support and encouragement. Our hope has always been for Building Cathedrals to be a testament to our ongoing faith in Jesus Christ as we navigate our calling as mothers, wives, and women.

God bless and peace be with you,

Bethany and the BC girls

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