Christmas to-do list

Christmas to-do list November 30, 2014

Well, friends, the first Sunday of Advent is here, and I have to admit that I have not even printed the “begin in October to have a chance at a good Advent” to-do list.  Our kitchen is gutted, our house is a construction zone with boxes everywhere, and my calendar is looking like a spreadsheet, but I do need to make sure that my family has a lovely Christmas somehow.  I have learned over the years that when I start to get anxious and when I start to forget things, a to-do list is my first step at a fighting chance.  So, for those in the same boat, here is the a link to the original to-do list:

I’m working on my streamlined, survival mode version.  So far, this is what is on the list:

1.  Print December calendar, including everything possible

2.  Print calendar in a weekly agenda style format

3. Find a time to take your kids to confession.

4.  Print Red’s list and make a December version.

So, yeah, I have done items 1 and 2.  I have taken care of #3 for the homeschooled kids, but not the schoolies.   I hope to be back to you shortly with the results of #4 in case any of you are feeling, like me, behind before you have even started.



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  • Queen B

    Way to go, MA! That’s the spirit, just one step at a time. I started my Advent yesterday with adoration, and my goodness did I feel better about my way-behind to-do list afterwards. Lord, help us make this season special for our families, while keeping you at the center.

  • Katrina

    MA, it took me forever to comment on this post, but wanted to thank you for sharing! We are also in survival mode a bit this Advent, not only because we have a new baby but also because my husband has had some very consistently late nights at work. One mom and four kids is not the greatest ratio at the end of the school day 🙂 The kids made up their own Advent prayer, so each of them says their part before we say our regular dinner grace prayer. It’s great that they took the initiative when I couldn’t!