Josie’s Arrival

Josie’s Arrival January 5, 2012

The Birth of Josephine Marie–

First, I would like to thank my sister Elizabeth for the following beautiful photos of Josie’s arrival. She did a phenomenal job capturing Josie’s first moments outside the womb, and I had a very difficult time picking ONLY 10 photos for the blog! If you live in the Philadelphia/Southern NJ area and are interested in her services, visit the Sweet Pea Photography website.

Now on to the birth! Josephine arrived 3 weeks early due to a very small abruption in my placenta. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I had enough “symptoms” of this issue and that my doctors and midwife acted to hasten things along in the labor department. I had A LOT of anxiety during the process, but the prayers of many family members and friends provided great comfort.  After only 5 hours of labor, little Josie arrived just before midnight on Tuesday January 3rd.

Back in the fall we made the decision to have Gianna come to the hospital to be a part of Josie’s entrance into the world. My sister was generous enough to act as our photographer and Gianna’s support person. Gianna is still rather young, so we had her leave the room for the last hour of my labor when things got rather intense, and she returned immediately after Josie’s birth. She stood behind a curtain and heard her sister’s first cries. She was the first to offer her little sister kisses and held her hand during the newborn exam. It was so special to have her there!

And now, onto the photos…

January 3, 2012
Is it the hat?
My teeny tiny baby
First meeting
I have no words for how much I love this photo
She looks so much like my other babies
newborn exam
Holding her big sister's hand
My support team
We are proud parents--it never gets old!

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