Congratulations Red and family!

Congratulations Red and family! January 5, 2012

 We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Red on the arrival of Josephine Marie, the newest addition to their gorgeous clan.  She came three weeks early because of a small placental tear that had everyone on pins and needles.  Thanks be to God, the delivery went well and out came precious “Josie”, all 6lbs. 14oz. of her!  Congratulations to the whole family!  Red’s sister, a professional photographer, will be sharing some beautiful family photos later on the blog.  Stay tuned!

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  • Laura

    Congratulations! What a lovely name, it was my grandmother’s too. God bless you and keep you.u00a0

  • Juris Mater

    Congrats times a million, Red and Mr. Red. Wow sister, that is a major-league-sized family! What a blessing.

  • Sellersatlast

    Beautiful family!u00a0 Congratulations!

  • Kathy

    Congratulations on the birth of Josephine Marie. May God bless you all as you grow in your new family life. Glad everything went well with delivery.u00a0

  • Lifehopesnow

    Congratulations!!!!!!Oh your family is just gorgeous! I love all the photos!!! Praise Be to God. Yay!!!!!!!!!