Flowbee? February 15, 2012
After stalling for the better part of 3 or more  years, only giving a slight trim when it became clear that his sweet blonde locks were impairing his vision, my husband finally prevailed on me to cut Incredibaby’s hair. He looks like a different little person and it is a good thing that our baby will be here soon or I would have had a nervous breakdown over how grown up he looks.

Other than one very unpleasant haircut at a kids salon when our oldest boy was about 18 months, I have cut all the boys’ hair. 9 months out of the year in Texas I do it outside on the patio, but we do it  inside when it is 40 degrees and raining. All in all, it is a time, stress and money saver and we have had the added bonus of seeing their hair incorporated into birds’ nests in our backyard, so I feel very eco-friendly as well.

But our little man has the finest, wispiest hair. Instead of just falling into the bathtub (where I make them stand when I have to do it inside) it floated all over the bathroom and covered every surface. Some may even be suspended in the air still. I have had to wash the clothes I was wearing several times as it has the strange magnetic property that makes it stick like glue while weighing nothing.

Which is when my husband reminded me of the flowbee, a vacuum and hair cutter in one. With 4 boys, it would pay for itself almost instantly. Has anyone actually used this or does it just deserve it’s place as an infomercial punchline?

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