Taste and See

Taste and See October 10, 2012

Like B-Mama, I am also on an elimination diet for our baby who cannot tolerate any milk protein. I love to cook and bake, so this is tough for me. I have made some vegan versions of recipes with varying degrees of success, but I know that my family prefers buttercream icing to be made with actual butter and cream (not coconut milk and palm oil shortening.) So I continue to make the good stuff for them.

The problem is that I can’t taste it. It is like flying blind. I can’t tell is something is seasoned appropriately, or if I mixed up the salt and sugar. I am not an accomplished chef, but even a home cook needs to be able to taste what she prepares, especially when serving it to others.

This year we are preparing our son to receive his First Holy Communion and I have been thinking a lot about how we transmit the faith. Yes, we have workbooks, textbooks, and a curriculum for formal religious education, there are baptismal certificates on file, but we as parents must be a coherent example of our faith to our children.

We can’t share what we don’t have. We have to taste it and live it to be able to pass it on. That doesn’t mean that we have to be perfect. We need to communicate our imperfectness and need for our Saviour to our children. We need to know the richness of our faith, especially during this year of faith. We need to have a prayer life so that we are truly tasting what we are sharing, lest we serve them a flavorless, inauthentic faith. It is one thing to teach a child the words of the Our Father and another thing to truly pray it with them.

Today’s gospel was a familiar one, the story of Martha burdened by her serving and Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus. Mary knew that to serve well, she needed to be filled up first.  I pray that we can all taste and see the beauty of our faith as we share it with our children.

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  • First, let me just say that you ARE indeed an accomplished chef, Texas Mommy!
    I love this reflection. It is so true that we cannot authentically share what we don’t have. Our kids are always watching our example, and they so keenly observe any hypocrisy on our part!
    I am very excited about this year of faith, and the idea of the New Evangelization that the bishops will be meeting to discuss tomorrow. What a great impetus for us all to deepen our faith so that we can pass it on to our children!

  • Mama Turtle

    Such a wonderful post!

    I just started on an elimination diet for our sweet baby who has severe reflux. I’m amazed at how fast it’s working – three days in and no more spitting up. Could you ladies share what recipes you have been cooking and snacking on? I feel like I am going crazy on this diet (no tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, or gluten). It’s worth it because the baby is so much happier and healthier, but such a challenge for me!

  • Awesome encouragement, Tex.