Thoughts for Thursday — Birthday Edition!

Thoughts for Thursday — Birthday Edition! October 4, 2012

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and since we have run a thoughts for Thursday.  And since it is my Claire Bear’s 3rd Birthday, I’m going to mix things up a bit.

What am I cooking for Claire’s Birthday?  Today I am baking cupcakes.  I’m making two batches (thanks to Betty Crocker!), one GF and the other plain old delicious chocolate.  A big batch of icing on top and I’m sure both will be fantastic.  I purchased a cupcake tree back when Gianna turned 3, and it has been a great investment.  Cupcake trees look great on the table and are a simple way to make cupcakes appear fancier.  When asked what she wanted on her cake (I usually let my kids pick a design), Claire said, “candles.”  Nice!  We are ordering pizza for dinner.  And I’m making a big salad and a GF pie for all those gluten-challenged members of my family.  It should be a great party later this afternoon.

What are the birthday plans?  Grandparents and some Aunts and Uncles and Cousins will all make the short trip for dinner and a party.

What are my prayer intentions for the day?  For a friend struggling with a difficult pregnancy.  For my sister who hit her due date today and is awaiting the birth of her baby.  And for my Claire, on her 3rd birthday.

What does Claire like to do instead of watching TV?  She LOVES to draw, learn, and go on any outing.  When forced to stay home, she loves to play with her dolls, tea set, and kitchen toys.  And, of course, she must join in any games the bigger kids are playing.

What does Claire like to read?  Fancy Nancy, Curious George, and books about Anansi a very naughty and tricky spider.

How does Claire make my life easier?  I love her independence.  I love how she makes me laugh and smile every day.  As my most spirited child, she is up for almost any task, and already has an opinion about most things.  I also love her hair and sense of style.  Both are big, wild, and adorably cute.  I love her kisses and snuggles before naptime.  She reminds me daily to parent each of my children as individuals, and to snap out of manager-mom mode.

How does Claire challenge me?  She is a 4th child with the personality of a 1st born.  Her bold independent spirit and strong will make her a top-notch tantrum thrower.

What am I getting her for her birthday?  Boots.  This girl works the boots.  I bought her a pair of brown boots with fur and she is going to love them!

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  • Gotta love a girl in her boots!!! Happy Birthday my Claire!!! She is sassy, funny, smart, strong willed, and an all around great kid… hmmm I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree!!!

  • graceinmyheart

    Loved this. She is the cutest! Hope you have a fun day…Happy Birthday Claire!