Say Cheese

Say Cheese October 2, 2012

Ever find yourself hiding behind the camera so that you don’t have to see pictures of yourself?  The kids are much cuter than we are, right?!

I found this post an honest and funny look at why we, moms, avoid photos, but why we should really step out in front of the lens to document our lives with our children.  Enjoy the read!

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  • I think it’s great that Huffington Post ran with this and is creating a Photo Challenge encouraging moms to jump in front of the camera and submit it to a new HP photo album.
    Emily at ‘the anderson crew’ has put out a similar call from her site for a little while now.
    Accepting that motherhood is beautiful, ponytails, spit-up stains and all for the sake of our children and ourselves. This is a bandwagon I can jump on!