The Conclave

The Conclave February 27, 2013

What an exciting time in our Church!  Of course it is imperative that we all pray for the Cardinals, for Pope Benedict, and for our future Pope.  Lent is a great time to make sacrifices for these intentions, and some of my friends have even adopted a specific Cardinal in this time leading up to the Conclave.

In addition to prayer, here are a few quick links with educational resources for you and your children–

1)  This site provides an amazing animated series of slides that explains the full Papal Conclave process.  My older two children really learned a lot from sitting with Mr. Red and I and going through these slides together.

2)  Here is another site with animated slides.  This is also very good.

3)  Here is a great 2 minute highlight video of Benedict’s Pontificate.

4)  And, I’m seriously jealous of this mom blogger.  I can’t even imagine how special that must have been!

If you have come across additional resources, PLEASE post them in the comments.

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