Thoughts on Thursday

Thoughts on Thursday February 21, 2013

I am not following the format, but here are a few things rattling around in my head:

1.  I have loved reading to my kids over the past six weeks or so.  We have read Heidi and The Little Princess, and now we are starting Tom Sawyer.  With the latter two, I was moved to tears at some times by the beautiful messages of books which were favorites from my childhood.  I was even reading from my own copies — thanks mom and dad for saving them! — and I know that I took things away from the stories that I missed as a child.  After two books with female protagonists, I thought it was time for some boyish mischief, so with some explanations of awkward language, we are up to the whitewashing and laughing out loud with Tom!

2.  It is finally our turn to have sick kids.  I feel lucky to have been spared for most of the winter, especially because I was working a lot, and also lucky that my kids have happened to get sick during the week that my parents are here — thanks again, mom and dad!  I don’t know if this is true in all families, but my kids get sick in two different ways.  Some collapse and just sleep and loll around for days, sort of apologizing for being sick, and some get extra needy and whiny.  At the moment, I have one of each going, and the contrast is interesting.  Can I say that I have a preference?

Does anyone take emergnC or anything similar?  Airborne?  I would love to know how to help myself stay healthy when the kids are starting to get sick.

3. After a very nice family breakfast, I chose Valentine’s Day to pick a fight with my husband, which wasn’t so great.  However, we worked through it all pretty well, we both apologized, and in a way it was a very loving thing to know that we have learned to get through a crummy moment.  Ultimately, I know that he loves me a lot, and that is a very special feeling.

4.  Somewhat related, I am still reeling, and pretty angry, about Downton.  Like Lady Mary, I hope I really am is the wonderful person that my husband thinks I am, and I had hope that a little bit at a time he was going to help her become that person more in her life.  Now I worry that she will parent more like poor Shrimpy’s wife.  Also, my husband gets extra credit for being my best husband because he recognized that Susan was played by the actress who gave us the incredible Lady Catherine DeBourgh in the old P&P.  Most of all, it was just so, so sad.  I am not sure that I am going to be able to keep watching.

5.  I really want to finish up and order my 2012 scrapbook.

6.  We just got notice about Little League try-outs.  Spring is coming.  I am one of the few who regret the end of winter, and I know that I really struggle with the lack of predictability in the early baseball season, changing schedules, rain outs, etc, but I have to try to remember how fun it winds up being once they are really playing, and keep calm through this transition.  Like your two year old who struggles with transitions, I am giving myself a five minute warning.


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  • AMDG

    Good Afternoon 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that as a former high school teacher I swore by EmergnC to stay healthy all year round and still encourage my husband to take it. It also gives a great little energy boost because of all of the B vitamins. As a side note: I was advised not to take it while pregnant as the amount of vitamen C is apparently too high. Also, I would love to start doing some longer read alouds with my eldest son. He is 5 and loves to be read to; however, I am not sure what level of book to choose for his age. Do you usually aim for something two to three levels past their own level of reading? Thank you and hope everyone is feeling well soon!

  • Juris Mater

    Want to talk Downton? Great. It was far too sad and insensitive–I understand cast members chose to leave after the third season, but the writer chose the cruelest possible kind of departure. Once and for all, Downton betrayed itself as the soap opera that its naysayers have always accused it of being. I wanted to think it was a vibrant story about early 20th century English life, and to connect with it as I do with Jane Austen/the Brontes, but after all it’s a mercenary soap opera, too unsafe to become vulnerable to. I wish I could say that I can just accept that and still enjoy it, but I’m giving all things Downton up for Lent (after this comment : )) and probably for good. It’s not a safe kind of enjoyment anymore.

    Alice, I decided to take the Downton bait, but I LOVE all your other thoughts here too and can so identify with the two types of sick kids and giving myself five minute warnings!! (And sometimes treats as rewards too…)

  • I think that timing is everything in moving to longer read alouds, so I like books where the story moves enough that something actually happens in our short chapter sessions each evening, and then gradually we can work into books with more exposition.
    For early chapter read alouds, we love the Mercy Watson books, Beezus and Ramona, and Charlotte’s Web. My young five year old is ready for each of those right now.

  • Thanks, I am going to build in some rewards for myself! Probably in the form of coffee.

    On that note, soon to come, a post asking for Little League advice. I know that BMama LOVES baseball season with her boys, and there has to be a better way for me to shop for the right kind of snacks/meals on the go so that we can enjoy the long nights on the playground instead of fighting over whether to buy airheads and lemon shots for dinner.

  • Kellie “Red”

    I think that was JM who wrote about her boy and baseball.

    But B-Mama loves going to sports with her kids, as do I. I think loving LL is really about loving spring, loving new beginnings, loving America’s great past time, loving getting out of the house with your children, and loving your community. Act like a game is on and if it’s not, you get a night off because everyone is fed and ready for fun by 5pm. Just say no to buying food, and eat something healthy before you go. Bring raw veggies for fussy toddlers who don’t finish their dinners. You can buy packages of pre-washed snap peas, carrots, and green beans at Wegmans so there is no prep work. My kids love watching sports and being outside, and we NEVER buy food. We always eat before sports, even if that means dinner at 4:30pm. We eat dinner by 5 every night during the fall and spring. Being outside and playing is the reward. Not food.

    And just to be mean to all the Downton fans out there, I’m having a hard time not laughing at the misery you are all suffering from this silly soap opera!

  • Juris Mater

    Seriously Kellie, it’s pitiful, and I accept all due ridicule. I was under the mistaken impression that it was like good literature on film. I now know otherwise. Darn that show for making fools of us : )

  • Juris Mater

    However– on behalf of all suffering Downton Abbey fans on this blog, I reserve the right to return a snarky comment a few months from now about the pointless misery some people suffer over silly Phillies baseball games…

  • Mary Alice

    What about a baseball list for what to have in my car? The older boy games don’t get rained out, and I was so impressed when other moms pulled out extra umbrellas and old towels. I didn’t get that memo…sweatshirts, too, because the early spring nights get cold for little guys. What else? I want to be prepared for anything.

  • Steph

    I’ve had some sick kids this winter, and at first I was taking VirX (again, not safe while pregnant because of high doses of Vitamin A). I thought it was great–I stayed well even while getting little sleep. When I ran out that with the last illness run, I had really good luck with making chicken soup from the whole chicken with extra garlic. I was starting to get a sore throat and the soup seemed to help overnight! Just a thought.

    I hear ya on EVERYTHING else, too! We just finised reading the Chronicles of Narnia with our four year old (maybe it was too violent for him!) and just got a nice change of pace with the original Winnie the Pooh stories–he seems much more relaxed listening to this!