A New Way to Shop for Baby?

A New Way to Shop for Baby? February 21, 2013

My little June baby does not fit many of our hand-me-downs, so I am getting to buy some baby boy clothes for the first time in about 10 years!  I love Carters for cotton basics that wash and wear well, and I love that you can often buy them on sale and gain coupons for the next purchase, I think they are doubled on Tuesdays, but I am going to check before I purchase.

Anyway, I just got an email that baby things are 50% off there, and then I clicked through and saw this bundle.  I can’t copy the picture, so you are going to have to link over there and then come back and tell me what you think.

What are your thoughts about that one stop shopping, buying a complete matching set like that and then having all of the pieces work together for the entire season?  On the one hand, it seems convenient, easy and cute.  On the other hand, I might get sick of that cute little crab theme if it is all my baby wears all summer?  And should I take the time to add up the cost of individual pieces that I would really use to see whether it would be cheaper to buy it without the mitts, bibs and blanket? On the third hand, I really do love the matchy match, and my kids could dress him and he would always look put together?  That’s how I get three hands, by the way, one of them belongs to my right-hand 10 year old daughter.





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  • Juris Mater

    No way, totally not enough variety for me, plus I have a big thing for preppy baby/toddler boy clothes, so Carters cotton play clothes day after day would be such a drag. I’d rather do high quality hand-me-downs or consignment purchases. Practical yes–but a little too practical for me! Playing dress up is half the fun : )

  • KC

    I like the sets! I usually buy through Ebay or consignments, but love Gymboree for being able to get several coordinating pieces that will match no matter how my children put them on (usually easier to buy used for girls than boys admittedly). Until about six or seven when they have some sense of what it really means to match, I love to go this route. Ease is far more important to me than the dress up that JM enjoys 🙂

  • How dressed up and preppy do you get? My oldest wore mostly wool shortalls and little shirts with Peter Pan collars, but it feels a little pretentious in my current state of life, so while I have delusions of grandeur, matching and clean would probably be a step up most days, because my baby wears the same worn out pajamas almost every day while the wool things hang in the closet waiting for an occasion other than the grocery store.
    Maybe I just need to get it together and put real clothes on him…

  • Juris Mater

    I’m talking baby Ralph Lauren/Janie and Jack/Hartstrings. Not Little Lord Fauntleroy, yo. If it’s too complicated to put on, I won’t do it (as with the wool outfits you mention), but I’d rather pull on handsome little khaki pants and a polo shirt w/a collared sweater than a cheesy Carters sailboat unitard thing. But I should reiterate that we have been blessed with very nice gifts and hand me downs. Otherwise I wouldn’t be so particular.

  • Catie H

    If you like the pieces, I say go for it! You can always get a church outfit and/or party outfit for those special occasions. I haven’t tried this bundle pack, but I definitely buy a 4-pack or two of cute onesies (long-sleeve or short depending on season), and the matching pants or shorts needed — all from Carter’s — and I’ve never felt bored. Add a cute Sunday church outfit and something to wear to a party, and you’re golden!

  • Emma

    I love to see babies in play clothes rather than stiff trousers, and I found all my cute Polo shirts had to stay in the drawer once he started drooling, so I think that Carter’s stuff is just fine. But the extras in that set don’t make a lot of sense to me – the mitts are worthless, the socks only match each other so if you lose one the pair is gone, and my babies don’t wear hats like that. But I do love the theme and colors and now I kind of want most of it for my 3 month old!

  • Steph

    Although my baby is doing fine in her hand me downs, I’ve found it to be a drag that she has so many disparate pieces (you know, one piece of an outfit disappeared after a rogue poo or vomit or was left in the diaper bag or who knows where and you’re left trying to do something with others). I read some advice that simplifying so that everything matches will take years off your life (just kidding), but it might help simplify the laundry, too.

  • Mary Alice

    I’m having super luck with Janie and Jack sweaters on sale, they really make a baby boy look put together.

    I do think I am going to do a big Carter’s stock up for spring/summer, though, bc my little scooter is going to get filthy in the park, and I am going to need lots of clothes. Perhaps some old school osh kosh overalls and polo shirts.

  • Mrs C

    Agreed. I would tire of the matchy-matchy look too. Am doing much of my online shopping at Thredup.com these days. Amazing site (used clothing) for 12 months and up. Doesn’t cater for babies unfortunately.