Images of Spring

Images of Spring May 20, 2013

The past few weeks have been very busy.  So busy, that we have had little time to spend simply enjoying the beauty in our own backyard.  And I almost missed this —

And this—

But this past week, we had time to enjoy it all, and plant some more.  Gianna used her birthday money to purchase some plants and seeds for her new garden, “a little piece of earth” as they call it in The Secret Garden.  Her garden isn’t so secret, and sadly, her flowers are already taking some abuse from kickballs.  But she is learning the virtue of forgiveness as she makes bouquets with the damaged flowers.

And my younger ones are searching for and collecting worms —

And other things. I do not know what these are, but I am impressed.

And it wouldn’t be spring without a shot of my boys playing baseball.  Charlie is teaching Gus everything he knows.  Thankfully, for the time being, Gus is a willing pupil.

And of course a shot of the baby, who is now 16 months old.  Can you believe that?  She’s sweet as pie and the laziest child in this family.  She is still refusing to walk, and her favorite food is anything someone will spoon feed to her.  But her cuteness compensates for her sloth.

I hope you are all outside enjoying the spring weather, and your own backyard!

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  • Mrs Gregory

    1) jealous of your porch, 2) we have those same roses in our similar looking garden in memory of Vivian, 3) our 16 month olds are polar opposites, 4) your blue dressed girl and my blue dressed girl should get together. That’s how my kids look all day every day!

  • My two younger girls are polar opposites. The first photo is of a camellia tree, which might be my favorite flower. The bush behind Gianna in the photo is a rose bush. And yes we love our porch, it is one of the best things about living in a 113 year old home!

  • Kerry

    The braided hair..I love it! Did you do that? My kid won’t sit still for that…

  • yes, I did. Claire has very wild hair, and lots of it, and she likes to lay on my lap. I braid it in all kinds of crazy ways, and then just pin it all up. It isn’t straight or planned in any way, but it looks cute and keeps it out of her face, and apparently makes her feel like a princess. But my older daughter would never have sat still for it!

  • Elena

    I think that those are either chestnuts or butternuts still in their outer casing (?).

  • Elena, you are right that they look like both, after researching it a bit, I think it is either black walnut tree or a butternut tree. I’m leaning toward butternut. The squirrels knock every single one of them off the tree before they ripen…