Building Cathedrals’ Midwest Expansion

Building Cathedrals’ Midwest Expansion September 19, 2013
We are beyond excited to welcome Queen B to our Building Cathedrals family! Below is her first post. Queen B, I don’t know how you managed to squeeze in a blog post in the midst of your very busy week, but we’re glad that you did!
I can’t tell you the number of times that I shook my head in disbelief this summer, realizing that it has been ten years since I graduated from college.  That means that it has been over ten years since I last bunked as roommates with Katrina, hit the Princeton running trail with Juris Mater, sat with Texas Momma at an Easter Vigil Mass or bumped into AWOL Mommy on campus.  Due to the slight and ever so graceful seniority of Mary Alice, B-Mama, Kellie and J’, I have to count back even more years since collegiate moments with them. But, even though a decade or more has passed since we all lived together,  when I think about all that has changed in my life during the past ten years, I couldn’t be more thankful for our friendship.
During the past ten years, I was confirmed into the Catholic church, left a law school track to go to medical school, married my beloved, learned how to cook (Texas Mommy coached me through my first roux over the phone), gave birth to four sweet souls, moved seven times (four times across the country), and put my medical training on hold to be home with our children.  Through all of that, and many more ups and downs, I have thanked God for the friendship of these Builders.
As Building Cathedrals expands to include a Midwest contingent, I am delighted to share a little piece of encouragement and friendship here.  May the Lord bless us all with opportunities to encourage and uplift each other amidst the many roles we play everyday.

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  • Juris Mater

    Welcome, welcome dear Queen B! Thank you for blessing us with your gift of writing, your encouragement and optimistic outlook, your wisdom and discernment, and most of all your deep and unwavering faith.

  • Bethany

    Tiger tiger tiger, sis sis sis, boom boom boom, bah! Go Queen B, Go Queen B, Go Queen B! Yayyyyyy!!

    We are beyond thrilled to have you join us, Queen B! You have such motherly richness to offer all of us. Thanks for coming on board!

  • Welcome Queen B! And you forgot to mention that you are a medical school graduate, which makes you a doctor!!!! You rock!

  • Queen B’s SIL :)

    Three cheers for Queen B!!

  • J’

    Welcome to the newest newbie.;)

  • AWOL_Mommy

    Can I just say that the smile on this woman is unreal? It would uplift you across a college courtyard. Now she is here to share virtual optimism with us all across the miles. Welcome QB!

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Yeah for Queen Bee!! So happy for you to share your awesome example to us all here!

    I bet you make a killer homemade mac and cheese 🙂

  • Queen B

    Thanks, AWOL. Right back at you.

  • Queen B

    Thanks to you, Tex, my kids eat something other than mac and cheese out of the box 😉 Thank goodness for your influence!

  • Queen B

    Thanks, Ladies, your compliments are making me blush! Now, off you go to do all the important things you have to do today…. 🙂

  • Bethany

    Well said, AWOL!

  • SIL too!

    Queen B! Lovely to see you in every environment, including in this one! Saw you had a cheer from one SIL; I’m chiming in on the cheer as a SIL too! Love, KJS