Migraines in Children

Migraines in Children November 19, 2013

I think that we just experienced our first migraine in one of our children, and it threw me for a loop! In part, the reason that I am posting so late today is because I had my daughter home with me, even though she would have been perfectly fine to go to school. She woke up happy and feeling great, whereas for the past 48 hours she had been miserable with a splitting headache. In retrospect, I think that she may have had a migraine (or just a prolonged headache?) brought on by stress, and I am hoping that it was a one-time occurrence. This child is particularly in-tune with my emotional state :), which can be a blessing and a curse.

Have any of you dealt with migraines in children, and if so, how do you cope? It was truly awful, and at some point her stomach started hurting so she wouldn’t even take her Ibuprofin. We basically had her lying on the couch, lights off, with a cold washcloth on her head. Someone told me that she gives her children an ice-cold slushy to bring on a brain freeze, and that this can stop the migraine before it really starts. Sounds crazy, but I wonder if it works!

On a related note, I just heard something that sounds to me like an old wives’ tale, but I wonder if anyone has tried it. Apparently, if you drink 100% grape juice daily during flu season, your intestines become too acidic for the flu to take hold. Really?? Queen B, what is your medical opinion of this?

In any case, I hope that you and your family are happy and healthy this week! If you are sick, I hope that you feel better very soon. Mary, Queen of peace, pray for us!

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  • Maggie

    I sometimes have bad headaches brought on by dehydration. Does she drink lots of water? The grape juice definitely sounds bogus. Your stomach is already filled with very strong acids that are more acidic than grape juice. Glad your daughter’s feeling better!

  • Queen B

    I have never head the grape juice wives tale! In general, acidic foods are said to tend to help ward off infection, but I don’t know about grape juice specifically.
    I get horrible migraines, Kat, and mine started when I was in late elementary school. Headaches are unusual in kids, but more often due to hydration than stress. Eating or drinking quickly before stomach pains set in is a good recourse. Seems like you did all the right things, though!

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    My inclination would be to get give some fluids and sugar (especially if she’s sensitive to low blood sugar. I get bad headaches when I haven’t eaten and keep a bag of dried figs around for easily absorbed sugar). I am so sorry that you both have to go through this, it is so hard to see your child in pain, especially if you don’t know how to make it go away!

  • I’m sorry about the headache in your little girl. Poor kid! I have not heard about the grape juice, and I tend to associate with some crazy people. Interesting but probably nothing legit to it. As for the headaches, I have two children who get stomach aches regularly, and while possible this is the result of food, I also think that sometimes they are the result of things upsetting them. We try to just dial it back a notch, have them lie down with their loves for a bit, and relax. That seems to help.

  • Pier Keegan

    Katrina, I’ve been reading for several months. I saw your parents at a Tony Bennett concert during the summer. My older daughter, Courtney, suffered from migraines when she was a child, and into her 20’s. She then discovered that eating a spoonful of honey when she felt the migraine coming would stop it. I hope that helps your daughter.