A Pill A Day?

A Pill A Day? January 8, 2014

How many vitamins in a zucchini as big as his leg?
Raw enough? Squash from the garden.

So there have been copious news articles recently surrounding the efficacy of vitamin supplements: see here and here. But I am wondering has anyone actually ditched their daily prenatals or multivitamin?

Our family strives to eat whole, real foods and minimize processed foods, but even with much of our food budget going to organic produce, grains, dairy and meats, I have also read that the vitamin content in these foods is not what it was 50 years ago. We get our Vitamin D the old fashioned way, by being outside as much as possible (while slathering up with paraben-free sunscreen to protect against the sun even though it costs a small fortune). But we also know that folic acid is so protective for a growing baby. And there is a lot of conflicting information and it is hard to sort out what is legit from what is the vitamin industry trying to stave off this perceived attack!

I feel very unqualified to sort all this out, but also feel it is my responsibility to educate myself to figure out what is best for my family. Any thoughts?

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