More new mom questions…

More new mom questions… January 13, 2014

Questions, questions. We are starting a huge family undertaking tomorrow, and amidst a long to-do list and much bustling over the past weeks, our little miss started a new phase that is causing some pause in our home…

Ok, actually it is terrifying me, but we’ve already been to the pediatrician once, so I’m canvassing experience.;)

Over Christmas break there were a few instances where she stopped breathing after getting startled or scared. We freaked out each time, because, let’s be real, it’s TERRIFYING to watch your baby do something crazy like forget to take in life-giving oxygen, especially if it isn’t related to, say, a tantrum. When we took her to the doc’, he was very calm about it but said that it could get worse and she might start passing out (whaa?)…

…which she did three times this week.

Another friend who’s husband was a paramedic had a daughter do something similar and said it can be normal. To which I say “what’s normal about stopping breathing and passing out at age 10 months”???!!!! She’s also incredibly clingy, which she hasn’t been really ever in her little life, so it seems like she’s hitting the ‘stranger-danger’ phase hard… but I don’t know that it’s necessarily related, since some of the episodes were at home with no one else around.

In any case, I want to get a second opinion I think just for peace of mind, but has anyone else dealt with this? If so, how long has it lasted?

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