Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist May 6, 2014

Moving in six years ago!

We are moving! After six years in our beloved house, we are moving just three blocks away to another home in our neighborhood that will give us some more room to grow. The decision to move was a tough one, especially because we have wonderful neighbors that have become great friends, but we saw this as a great opportunity for our family and we think that it is a good decision all around.

Our move will happen in late-June, after a couple of weeks of minor renovations on our new house, and I am doing my best to plan ahead so that we can efficiently use our limited window of time! Here are the plans that I have made so far. I would love your input on items that I may be missing – the best advice comes from those who have had experience! Because this is a local move, we will be packing most boxes ourselves and leaving the big furniture items to the professional movers.

To Do, Starting Now:

Finalize a moving company

Finalize dates for contractor and other workers for new house

Pick up packing supplies – boxes of varying sizes, tape, bubble wrap, permanent markers

Declutter – throw away broken items; give away functional but unused items

Pack all non-essentials

Purchase essential items for new house, i.e. refrigerator

Make a list of items that will need to be packed last-minute

Change address with USPS, utility providers, and all accounts and service providers

Make a folder of essential information for the new homeowners

Notify friends and family of move

Pack a box of essentials that will stay with us throughout the move

Empty refrigerator and use pantry items


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