Help Design My Living Room

Help Design My Living Room August 26, 2014

Our living room

We have recently moved into a new home, and are taking our time with decorating because: a) We have been busy with other home improvement projects, b) We hope to live here for many years and are trying to be thoughtful about how we would like our space to look for the long haul, and c) We are trying to stick to a budget, which takes some time and patience. One room that we need some help with is our living room, which has paneled molding on the walls – we painted the trim white and the walls a grayish-blue. Our major question in this room is how to hang artwork on the walls. We don’t know whether we need to hang something inside of each panel, or whether we can do gallery-style pictures inside one or some of the panels while leaving others bare. The whole room has this trim paneling, so it feels overwhelming to try to put something inside each area. Any thoughts?

I fully realize that there are more important issues to be thinking and praying about right now. However, this is on my mind today, and I know that it is good for me to create a beautiful, peaceful, and well-designed environment for my family to live in. Sometimes, a little advice from friends can go a long way, so thank you in advance for any thoughts you can share!

Many blessings to you and your family on this Tuesday evening. Mary, Queen of Families, pray for us!


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