Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s Night Out August 28, 2014

Our fabulous cast of local Catholic mothers is discussing a regular Mom’s Night Out for the first time ever. Count me in! We have a regular playgroup, but as families grow, the adult:child ratio is increasingly not in our favor, so conversations have become choppy and unsatisfying. There are fewer natural social outlets for moms than ever: most neighborhood mothers are at work, and immediate family members live far away. With a large family, it’s hard to get out much to see friends, and when we do go for it, someone usually gets injured or has an accident within 10 minutes, making me question why we ever leave home.

Enter Mom’s Night Out.

What has worked for you and your local friends? In particular:

(1)    How frequently do you have nights out?

(2)    Where do you go? Do you meet in each other’s homes and take turns hosting? Blow it out at a karaoke bar, or get tipsy and hilarious at a craft brewery? A reading group at your parish? Dress up and have fancy desserts at a restaurant? Crafting at a local pottery or art studio? Coffee and shopping?

Different personalities like different things. The karaoke bar might do a shy mother in permanently and doesn’t leave much space for conversation, but it sounds fun! Frilly hats and fancy desserts might not thrill the party-loving extrovert. So, what’s the best way for hard-working moms to be refreshed by fellowship while also cutting loose a little and forgetting about the guilt and laundry and stomach viruses for a few hours? Please tell!

P.S.–happy end of summer, from our family to yours!

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