Adoration with children

Adoration with children August 22, 2014

We are fortunate enough to have perpetual adoration at our parish.  In addition, some very devoted mothers have arranged a children’s adoration hour once a week.  During this time, parents with young children are encouraged to come to the adoration chapel, knowing that some additional noise and wiggling won’t be distracting, but rather expected.

One of the commitments that we will take on this school year will be a regular adoration slot during the children’s adoration hour.  It is only a twenty minute commitment, because three families commit to sharing the hour each week.  The chapel has a bookcase with children’s books, which I intend to allow and encourage my children to use during our adoration time.  At the end of our time, we’ll say a family prayer out loud and each offer something out loud to Jesus for which we are thankful.

I am really excited, and a bit apprehensive, about this commitment.  Primarily it will just be me with my 3 and 1 year old during adoration.  Potty breaks, poopy diapers, outbursts and other unpredictabilities are our norm.  I know, it is only twenty minutes, but if someone is late or forgets their time slot, our time could be longer, extending forty minutes or an hour before the next hourly adorer arrives.  I’ll take these concerns to prayer and trust the Lord to bless and make sufficient our small offering of time.  I am also prepared for the fact that I might feel distracted and less prayerful during our first few times adoring together.   Physicians give patients medicine that works even if they aren’t paying attention to its effects.  When I take time to visit the Divine Physician in the Blessed Sacrament with my children, I am going to trust that His medicine will be a blessing for us, even if I am not able to give Him my full attention in prayer.

Finally, as I embark on this commitment, if anyone has experience taking their kids to adoration regularly and has hints for making it a meaningful, happy time (especially for 1-3 year olds), I would love to hear about it.

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