A Walpurgisnacht Ritual of Transvection, Or A Journey To The Brocken

A Walpurgisnacht Ritual of Transvection, Or A Journey To The Brocken April 22, 2020

The following ritual is to be used as a means by which to transport oneself to the Witches’ Sabbath – in particular for the celebration of the Spring Tide on Walpurgisnacht…

When the midnight hour approaches, retire to some quiet room where you will not be disturbed. Light a few candles, white or black in color, along with some incense – preferably composed of wormwood or mugwort. Then open a window, just a crack will do. 

Remove your clothing. If you have it within your possession, rub a small amount of unguentum sabbati upon your wrists and the soles of your feet. Then lay down upon the floor, with a broomstick or stang beside you. 

Photo by Neal E. Johnson on Unsplash

Close your eyes and call upon your spirits, speak their names in a hushed whisper. Take a deep breath, counting backwards from thirteen. With each breath feel your spirit lifting, up and out of your body. Speak the words, “Thout, tout a tout, tout, throughout and about!”

Allow your spirit to slip out the window, out into the night. Upon your broomstick, fly up into the darkened sky. Soar over the rooftops and across the land, towards the distant horizon where the Sabbath awaits. Journey onward until you find yourself approaching a looming mountain, the legendary Brocken.

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Touch your feet down upon the ground, resting your broomstick against a nearby tree. Allow your eyes to take in the wild rumpus before you. Witches dancing in a circle, facing outwards with their backs to a mighty roaring bonfire. Hear the melody of an eerie tune being played by other Witches upon flutes and a jangling tambourine. Smell the delicious food laid out upon a long banquet table along with a seemingly endless supply or wine.

All around you are Witches, faeries, and ghosts making merry. They call to you, beckoning for you to join them in their game. Now is the time to release your inhibitions, to shed your mortal coil, and to make wild magic while celebrating the Spring Tide. Go forth, for while the night is young, the Sabbath is ephemeral and all will come to end with the cocking of the crow.

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

Should you feel ready to retire at any point, simply grab your broomstick and say the words, “Rentum Tormentum!” Take to the sky once more, feeling your spirit being drawn back home. Fly away from the mountain, back across the land, and over the rooftops. Slip back into your home, through the open window. Feel your spirit gently sink back into your body, then open your eyes.

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