Articles & Essays

 Here is a selection of articles and essays previously published in now defunct magazines over the past ten years. Of these, Mike Howard’s idiosyncratic, wonderfully endearing, and eminently useful The Cauldron was perhaps the best known. Others include White Dragon, serving the area of British Mercia, and The Hedgewytch. Also collected together are some of the longer blog posts for ease of use.

Occasionally, classic copies of these humble, yet excellent, publications can be found for sale on line, with the obviously more sought after demanding high prices. Of those, the editions which feature writings by Andrew Chumbley command some of the highest figures.

These are shared here for the purposes of perusal by any and all interested parties and stand as a testament to the journey I have taken over the years before (finally) accepting the blog format as the world shifts into its technological adolescence.

Also listed here are some of the longer posts as well as practical writings gathered together for ease of use for those who are interested.

Enjoy and, if you feel so inclined, get in touch.

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Past articles:

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