This is my online presence, an attempt to share some of my thoughts, writings and praxis amongst a greater gathering who share a common interest and involvement with modern Traditional Witchcraft.

Over the years, I have had some pieces published in The Hedgewytch, White Dragon and The Cauldron, all now out of print. Therefore, I will share here some of those works as well as new explorations and thoughts for those who care to attend. Presently, the works published here reflect the evolution of my magical argosy as it has occurred over the years. What I’m up to now may be shared when appropriate to do so.

The focus of my attention is working directly and viscerally with Ancestral Spirit, engaging and joining in magical gnosis with the Hidden Companie via traditional techniques, methodology, mythos and practice coalescing in a modern current and expression of the Mysteries. I belong to no lineaged tradition other than that of Perrennial Philisophy and adherence to Truth and Beauty, claiming no hereditary status nor position of grandeur within any sodality. Rather, I am The Wanderer, the prodigal son in exile, working alone but for the depth of Night, the Stars above and the Winds that come. Therefore, great emphasis is placed upon underlying work and Covenant and the inherent Virtue which may be won or lost.

If you are interested in having a tarot reading, a talismanic working or consultation, please visit my site at Cunning Man’s Corner. My public Facebook page can be found at Ian Chambers Writer.


Ian Chambers