Encountering Christian Mysticism with the “Mystics and Skeptics” Podcast

Encountering Christian Mysticism with the “Mystics and Skeptics” Podcast June 28, 2022

Hi friends, I recently was a guest on the “Mystics and Skeptics” podcast. Needless to say, we talked about… Christian mysticism, of course! Sybil, the host of the “Mystics and Skeptics” podcast, is a wonderful conversation partner; she and I quickly developed a rapport which led to a wide-ranging conversation about mysticism — both Christian and in general — and how it relates not only to religion but to life.

I hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as I enjoyed taking part in it! And after you listen to this episode, visit the Mystics and Skeptics Podcast website to check out other episodes — Sybil has a wide ranging circle of dialogue partners, representing mystical traditions from across religious traditions (including those who do not necessarily ascribe to any one particular lineage). You may not agree with everyone that’s on the show, but I bet  you’ll find the conversations fascinating!

Here’s how the podcast itself is described:

Different paths – same destination. Join me for an exploratory discussion on traditional and ancient religions and the sciences, spiritual and other belief systems, unexplained phenomena, and their nexus to better understand our existence and purpose. This is a judgment-free zone; all perspectives are welcome. Only through respectful discourse and critical thinking can humanity progress and attain enlightenment.
And the blurb for my episode:
Tune in and listen to Carl McColman discuss Christian mysticism and describe how to encounter the Divine.  Mr. McColman is a spiritual director, retreat leader, and internationally known speaker and teacher on mystical spirituality and contemplative living. He is the author of many books, including “The Big Book of Christian Mysticism.”  He is one of the co-hosts of the Encountering Silence podcast and runs the website: Anamchara.com.
To listen, click on the audio player above. Enjoy!!!

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