When in Doubt, Go For Pairs

When in Doubt, Go For Pairs December 27, 2017
Photo: Camelia Elias
Photo: Camelia Elias

My last post here on Patheos on how to do a reading for your new year by asking just two questions, what is rising and what is falling, went booming in terms of how many enjoyed the method. A whole army of Aradia Academy Alumni has tried it to great fun and success. It goes to show. You get far with keeping it simple.

Along the same line, here’s another thought:

When in doubt, go for pairs. What applies to how we communicate through binary, metaphorical constructions (man/woman, up/down, today/yesterday), applies to how we can read the cards.

You will get far with asking questions that rest on an oppositional pair.

Read a 3-card string for each, rather than focus on individual cards that require support from a list of random meanings. What you want is to look at the function of each card, not symbol, and how that function supports or undermines the function of the card next to it. This is pretty much the basic principle of reading cards that I teach.

If I pick up from my last post, how about you also try these questions below? They will make for equally insightful readings.

I add to some of these questions an implicit idea too, for variation sake.

While it’s fun to ask questions that demand, or lead to a definition and clarification of scope (‘what’ questions are about that), it’s more fun to see application (‘how’ questions are about that) and the way application is aligned with your big ‘why’.


What rises? What falls?

What is my super power? What is my greatest weakness?

What must I put down? What must I hold on to?


How do I give? How do I receive?

What do I know? How do I know it?

What do I really want? How do I focus on just that?


How do I choose? Why must I make a decision at all?

How do I cut the seemingly important thing in my life? Why is it important to begin with?


The list can continue, but you get the picture.

What do I believe? What do I reject?

Why do I believe it? Why do I reject it?

Photo: Camelia Elias
Photo: Camelia Elias

I hope your cards will give you a good reason to laugh wholeheartedly. Make that belly of yours happy.

I hope your cards will be filled with ‘nothing’, as you realize that you CAN cling to nothing, you CAN believe nothing, and thus create a whole lot of spaciousness in your head, able to embrace the world in all its manifestations without judgment.

Happy New Year, and don’t forget to sharpen your knifes. Keep that practice steady, as it will lend robustness to your clarity and peace of mind.

Stay in the loop for cartomantic activities. In the pipeline a workshop on how to read with art cards, and a new, revamped run of reading with the Marseille cards. Check the courses webpage for future reference.

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