Against Nature and Other Abominations

Against Nature and Other Abominations November 25, 2015

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My horror anthology goes off to the printer today. So that basically means that I still have to wait for the proof copy to come, and then I get all the fun of playing find-the-typos and I have one more chance to scruple about the text before it becomes available.

So here’s the line-up:

Against Nature – A pretentious nihilist martyrs himself to the destruction of nature.

Catastrophic Beauty – In the aftermath of a Lovecraftian apocalypse, an artist creates a dangerous idol.

Lubyanka – A vampire in Gulag.

Schrodingers Zombie – A not entirely academic dialogue about the moral dignity of zombiekind.

The Faery Cry – Riffing on Rosetti, Bronte and Ovid.

Rite of Atonement – A bone-sculptor creates a marvelous scapegoat out of human flesh.

Who’s Afraid of the Little Red Hood? – Little Red Riding Hood grew up mean…

Mother R’Lyeh – More Lovecraft. This time with a trans hero.

Buffalo Tongue Woman – Once, there was a man who had a nagging wife.

Achilles in Purple – Homer meets postmodern feminism far on the ringing plains of windy Troy.

The Dying Place – A young man falls for the angel of death who has come for his partner.

Pedro’s Treasure –Childhood madness in a South American mining town.

Lost Voices – A woman wishes to have her vocal chords surgically removed.

A Very Long Bereavement – A star falls in love.

Birth of a Kingdom – A woman takes her brother’s place on an eldritch battlefield.

Cataline – Wouldn’t it be fun to spend eternity trying to fall in love with someone you hate?

against nature front coveragainst nature back cover

Front and back cover designs. If you click on them, they turn big.

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