Moderation Problems

Moderation Problems July 8, 2019

This is just a super brief update to let you all know that I’ve tried to fix the moderation issues that have been coming up recently. I edited the list of restricted words which, I assume, Patheos had helpfully added to my blog. We should now be able to talk about sex, queer people, gay rights and people with jobs again. Also, menstruation, masturbation and uteruses are no longer forbidden topics of conversation. I’ve allowed most of the more common casual swear words because most of my commenters are adults who behave like adults, please do be responsible and use them with moderation.

I’ve flagged a few of you as trusted users, so you shouldn’t be moderated at all anymore. If you find yourself with that designation please don’t abuse it. It you weren’t tagged as trusted it’s not a slight, it’s just that none of your comments were being flagged at this particular moment in time. I should also have actually banned See Nuevo, so if you’re still seeing his comments please let me know because it means I did not use my moderator powers effectively.
Thanks all of you — for the most part I’m really happy with our little combox community. I want to police it as little as possible and I thank all of you for remaining civil and for having fruitful discussions, even if you disagree passionately with one another.

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